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  • Combined 2014 CAMPI, TMA and AVID sales reportsPH auto industry sets new sales record in 2014
    Combined 2014 CAMPI, TMA and AVID sales reports
  • Toyota sold 10.23 million vehicles globally in 2014Toyota still worlds biggest car manufacturer in 2014
    Toyota sold 10.23 million vehicles globally in 2014
  • Bridging the gaps2014 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe 2.2L R-eVGT 4WD Premium
    Bridging the gaps
  • What the new year has in store for the automotive industryNew Cars for 2015
    What the new year has in store for the automotive industry
  • For work and play2014 Honda Accord 2.4S
    For work and play
  • Space to boot2015 Honda Brio Amaze 1.3S
    Space to boot

Latest News

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Ford's new research center in Silicon Valley will focus on advanced automotive technologies

January 31, 2015 10:58 - Martin Aguilar
Will have 125 researchers, engineers and scientists by the end of 2015 news article

Mercedes-Benz's F1 W06 Hybrid was able to lap 18 times around Silverstone

January 31, 2015 10:27 - Marcus De Guzman
The racing team will hold the car's track debut on February 1, 2015 in Jerez, Spain news article

Sauber plans to do better this year after a disappointing 2014 F1 season

January 31, 2015 09:08 - Marcus De Guzman
The car has been improved on its cornering and braking ability news article

The 2015 super soft tires will be an evolution of the previously used tires from last year

January 30, 2015 16:45 - Marcus De Guzman
New compound super softs for 2015 F1 season news article

The MP4-30 F1 car will be powered by a Honda RA615H Hybrid engine

January 30, 2015 14:56 - Martin Aguilar
Features revised red, black and silver livery news article

The Lotus Exige S Automatic can change gears in as quick as 240 milliseconds

January 30, 2015 14:48 - Marcus De Guzman
It has a Sport Mode that sharpens throttle response and increases traction slip threshold news article

Automotive Features, Auto Shows, Technology & Road Safety

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The Pajero Club of the Philippines was formed to unite all Pajero owners and enthusiasts across the country

January 29, 2015 18:08 - Martin Aguilar
The premiere Mitsubishi Pajero Club in the Philippines feature

The sunny afternoon event attracted over 500 people and saw over 350 cars.

January 28, 2015 19:08 - Brent Co
A new benchmark for car club gatherings is set feature

Next-generation models and new car brands expected to shake up the automotive industry in 2015

January 14, 2015 11:57 - Marcus De Guzman
What 2015 has in store for the automotive industry feature

Editor's Note

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The final part of our 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer project.

November 24, 2014 22:21 - Vince Pornelos
Build for go, build for show

The Inside Man

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It is indeed a rare occurrence that one will find this column to be on the same side as the perceived in-bred intransigence and petulance of this administration.

January 26, 2015 12:08 - Tito F. Hermoso
Double standards?

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The Clipping Point

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For this year’s Super Bowl ad, BMW compares their all-electric i3 to when the internet was still new

Renault reveals the Alpine Vision GT for Gran Turismo 6

Pierce Brosnan gets pulled into Kia’s unexpected getaway for this year’s Super Bowl ad