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Tito's deep love for cars and extensive experience in banking, government, higher education, project finance, engineering, publishing and economics both here and abroad has equipped him with unique and penetrating insights into the global automotive industry, making his commentary a must read for the movers and shakers in automotive, marketing and management circles.

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The Inside Man dissects two types of drivers that cause all sorts of trouble for all of us

posted March 20, 2017 11:47 by Tito F. Hermoso
The righteous drivers vs. stupid drivers image

With 2 new tollways already on stream, The Inside Man plots the changing traffic patterns in our Metro today

posted March 06, 2017 10:08 by Tito F. Hermoso
Metro driving: The past, present and future image

Is taxation the solution to kick-start our lagging infrastructure? The Inside Man weighs in.

posted February 13, 2017 18:26 by Tito F. Hermoso
Taxing for Infra: The dream versus the reality image

Death by taxes: double jeopardy

posted January 27, 2017 15:21 by Tito F. Hermoso
HB 4774 : How to tax the auto industry to death image

For the new year, the Inside Man takes a look back at the past six months at growth and infrastructure in the Philippines

posted January 03, 2017 18:14 by Tito F. Hermoso
Six months into a good start image


Though 3-4 hours Manila-Baguio remains a pipe dream, traffic armageddon long weekends can be avoided by taking diversions to avoid the toll plazas.

posted January 13, 2015 00:40 by Tito F. Hermoso
Avoiding long toll plaza queues on NLEX, SCTEX, TPLEX image

The Department of Transport and Communications (DOTC) will end easy license renewal in thirty minutes if its proposal pushes through.

posted February 24, 2014 10:18 by Tito F. Hermoso
Goodbye easy driver's license renewal image

Today's Hi-Ace, like all Toyotas, is built not only to last but to dominate. Previously, Toyota supplied highly differentiated versions to different markets, with the Granvia-Regius Hi-ace versions heading for Europe while the Middle East,

posted July 29, 2011 17:22 by Tito F. Hermoso
2011 Toyota Hiace Super Grandia image

SUA or sudden unintended acceleration has been a motor vehicle problem ever since the time a homo sapien had to be in charge to operate the controls of a car.

posted March 30, 2015 15:00 by Tito F. Hermoso
The truth about Sudden Unintended Acceleration image

How the proposed excise tax on cars will dampen progress of our country's car manufacturing sector.

posted December 05, 2016 17:39 by Tito F. Hermoso
Death by taxes; The excise of the auto industry image