Too early to call?

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Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted March 26, 2010 17:55

2010 Australian Grand Prix

There has been a lot of debate recently on the new regulations not working as there was not much overtaking at Bahrain, but is that really the case?

If you compare it to the same race last year, the actual amount of overtaking was very similar. There is also an argument that it is too early to tell, if the ban on refueling has had as negative an effect as everyone thinks it has.

For me, it's not just a case of the cars not being able to overtake, it's also about the cars being able to run close together on the track and I feel that is definitely worse than last year and I cannot see how it will improve.

The reason being, with tires having to last for so long now, drivers are unwilling to risk ruining them by running close to the driver in front. Running in dirty air with less down-force causes the car to slide around more, which then results in the tires to wearing out faster.

I can see the FIA trying other changes to help spice things up such as an extra pitstop to help with a bit more action later in the race.

But all in all, F1 has suffered from a lack of overtaking for a good 10 years. We need something more drastic than the usual slight cuts in down force or adjustments to the tires.

What we need is something more drastic like removing the wings on the car completely. Allow the teams to try and generate some downforce from the floor of the car which is not disturbed by dirty air like wings do, which will then allow the cars to follow each other closely.

They will look a bit strange to begin with but i think eventually they would look very good. Remember we had beautiful looking F1 cars in the sixties and seventies.

Melbourne has always generated good accidents at the first corner, and with starts playing a even bigger role than last year (since they can't really overtake anymore), expect another accident as drivers take even bigger risks.

Which driver or team will win the championship? Now that is definitely too early to call.

Four teams are very close at the moment and even if Alonso and Ferrari won the first four races of the season, I still would not be confident of him winning the title. There are too many good teams in the mix that could easily find a big step to make them winners.

The cold conditions might fall into Red Bulls hands a bit more than in Bahrain, so I'm going to be a bit of a romantic and say that Webber is going to win his home Grand Prix with Vettel second.

Then I see Alonso in a Ferrari following those two home.