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Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted October 21, 2010 23:20

2010 Korean Grand Prix

Well after a lot of delays, maybes and maybe nots the Korean Grand Prix is going ahead this weekend. It's a good thing too because with this sort of fantastic championship battle going on, it would have been tragic to have lost a race so late in the day.

It's a typical F1 circuit more in fashion at the turn of the century, in that it's a huge facility in the middle of nowhere, so its left to be seen whether they will be able to draw in big crowds, especially as Korea is not a country with a lot of motorsports heritage.

It should be a track that gives the top teams to battle equally. The two long straights in the first sector should suit the McLarens and the heave breaking at the end of them should play to Ferrari's strengths. The last sector is all Red Bull territory and hopefully over a lap it should balance out nicely.

Looking at the layout, overtaking should be possible and with the track being brand new, expect some of the teams not to get their sums quite right, which should mean some surprises in qualifying and the race. Whatever the case I expect it to be close and I feel a classic race could be on the cards here.

With Red Bull winning in Japan as expected, the feeling is that they have the momentum now and you would expect them to go on and wrap up both the constructors and drivers titles. McLaren are the ones on the ropes at the moment. 4th and 5th in Japan for Button and Hamilton was not what the needed. They will go better here though and as Martin Whitmarsh has warned it would be "unwise" to write their drivers off.

So I feel the real joker in the pack is Alonso. While the Ferrari might not quite be as quick as the Red Bulls, its close enough for Alonso to pull out a bit of magic to make the difference. One key point will be how Massa does, because if he can drive to his full potential he would be a useful foil for Fernando to use.

The other point is Red Bull have said they will let their drivers race and i feel that in these last three race, the two team mates will take points off each other at some point, which will play into Alonso's hands.

Anyway, I'll be in the studio and so glad to be there, just to be a part of the most exciting championship ever.