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Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted July 30, 2010 10:29

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

They won the last Grand Prix in Germany on genuine pace. The Red Bulls managed to snatch pole with their usual Q3 heroics during qualifying, but in the race, the Ferrari in Fernando Alonso's hands was the quickest car out there.

Did he deserve to win? Perhaps not, as Massa would have been able to keep him behind if it was not for Ferrari issuing "team orders".

Let's try this with a bit of perspective though. As much as the team orders to allow Alonso through denied us of a thrilling finish, was it so unreasonable of Ferrari to do it?

Alonso was quite a bit further ahead of Massa in the championship and realistically Ferrari's only chance of winning the Drivers' Championship. They need to make up some ground fast on the others and could not afford to let this chance go by.

It's a completely different scenario to the incident in 2002 that led to the rule to ban team orders.

Back then Michael Schumacher had won four races on the trot and was dominating the championship. His team mate, Barichello was the quickest all weekend and was leading easily, when he was instructed to pull over for Michael Schumacher.

The fans and the FIA were obviously incensed at this complete insult to racing competition.

Team orders are always going to be a part of F1 and while Red Bull say they will let their drivers race, if it came down to the last race of a tight season, no one would complain if Mark Webber allowed Sebastien Vettel through if it meant beating a McLaren or Ferrari.

The problem for me is the rule to ban team orders itself. It's impossible to police and when you have a situation like last Sunday, it makes a mockery of the sport. This rule needs to be reworked or taken away completely in my view.

Normally the Hungarian GP this weekend either throws up the most exciting races (when it rains) or the most boring (when it stays dry) of the calendar.

It is very tight and twisty and the field should be close. There are not any really quick corners to speak about, so the Red Bulls advantage should be minimal and I fancy Ferrari to take their first pole of the season.

While McLaren are leading both the drivers and constructors championship, they are a team needing to catch up quick.

They are having trouble making their blown diffusers work and need to get back up to speed within the next 2 or 3 races or they will be behind in the championship.