Five-way title chase onto Interlagos

Five-way title chase onto Interlagos image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted November 05, 2010 18:57

2010 Brazilian Grand Prix

This weekend is the penultimate Grand Prix of probably the greatest season ever in Formula one. Five drivers still have a chance to win the drivers title and the nerves will be starting to show over in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Interlagos on the outskirts of Sau Paulo has held many unpredictable races in the past and this year should be similar with rain expected to play a part at some point of the weekend.

It's a track with a lot of "character" with big gradient changes that make it fun to drive, although not so fun when you have rivers streaming over the track when the drains are unable to cope with the tropical rain storms that happen there.

It's also a track with a long straight and almost no quick corners, which should mean Red Bulls speed advantage is reduced, which should make for a close race.

Red Bull face a tricky situation this weekend because after his mistake in Korea, Mark Webber is now behind Alonso in the championship fight by 14 points.

What makes it difficult is that Webber's team mate, Vettel is 11 points further back. So if they really wanted to make sure of the drivers title it would make sense to order Vettel to support Webber, otherwise they might take points of each other, which would then allow Alonso or one of the McLarens to take the title.

Now the fact that Red Bull have said they will let them race, puts the advantage with Ferrari now, especially as Alonso's team mate, Massa will be strong in his home GP.

What about the McLarens? Well Button is effectively out of it, although he will give it a ago. Hamilton on the other hand is still in it but unless McLaren bring updates that can give them more pace, it looks unlikely for the duo.