German GP Preview

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Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted July 23, 2010 18:49

2010 German Grand Prix

I'm looking forward to an exciting grand prix this weekend. Not only does the German GP normally have good overtaking due to its long back straight but it will also be the first time Bridgestone will be bringing the super soft and hard tyre.

Let me explain, there are 4 compounds, super soft, soft, medium and hard compounds available through the year and Bridgestone normally bring compounds only 2 steps apart so that there is some consistency between the compounds while allowing it to be slightly different so teams have to consider strategy.

In Canada we have the most exciting race of the season as a green track meant severe tyre graining and wear. This meant drivers were fighting to keep the cars on track and we saw a whole bunch of overtaking, which is pretty rare these days.

So by bringing two compounds that are 3 steps apart, Bridgestone and F1 hope to bring back that sort of exciting entertainment that we saw in Montreal, with at least one of the sets (super softs probably) going off very quickly. It may be manufactured overtaking, but it should be overtaking none the less. I'll take that over a boring race any day, after all F1 is supposed to be a show.

There is supposed to be rain on Friday and Saturday too, which should allow for a green track, which will allow greater graining of the tyres. A green track refers to the lack of rubber put onto the track by cars going around. This usually happens when cars first run on a track or when there has been rain. Graining then happens when the tyres slip on the tarmac more than normal which causes the very top of the rubber surface to ball up and grain. Which means more tyre wear and more overtaking. Queue rain dance please.

On the track, we should still see Red Bull to the fore, but expect both Ferrari and Mclaren to be very close. With conditions expected to be tricky, it could probably come down to which driver/engineer pairing makes the right strategy call, and who knows maybe we might have a unexpected victor this weekend.