High speed straights and slow corners to make Montreal exciting

High speed straights and slow corners to make Montreal exciting image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted June 07, 2012 16:54

Canadian GP

Montreal this weekend, is a bit like Melbourne in that it looks like a typical road track with some run off areas.

But it is actually considered a street track still as it is only used for racing twice a year, meaning that the grip levels are very low, especially at the beginning of the weekend. After Monza it is also the fastest track on the calendar with cars reaching over 300kph four times a lap.

These long straights are joined together by mostly slow-speed chicanes or hairpins. There are no fast corners and thus the onus is trying to get as high a top speed as possible.

This all means that teams will bring their low down-force package for the cars just like for Monza. Teams will also concentrate on making sure their cars have as much mechanical grip, just like Monaco with a special focus on traction.

The slow speed corners will mean cars need good traction out of them to take advantage of the long straights following them. Limiting the amount of wheel slip will also protect the Pirelli tyres and thus make them last longer.

The Super Softs will be brought to the race, just like at Monaco and they are especially sensitive to too much wheel spin.

With six different drivers winning in the first six races, it will again be anybody's guess who will win in Canada - but let's try anyway.

Mercedes with their double DRS system, will definitely have a bigger edge in qualifying than usual and should be favorites for pole position. And if they are on pole then they should also be the best bet to win.

This year, the driver leading the race after the first lap always has an advantage in looking after the tires as he runs in clean air.

After that I expect, McLaren, Lotus and Red Bull to be very close, but the car that will be the most interesting to watch will be the Ferraris.

Over the last two races, they have made significant steps forward with their car. But they have always said Canada will be where they bring the final installation of the mid-season updates.

They sound positive which could be ominous for their rivals.

If Ferrari does go well this weekend, then Alonso definitely becomes my choice to win this year's world championship. In my view he is the most complete driver on the field and the management of his car when it has not been quick has been very impressive.

A quick car will allow Alonso to do what he does best - win championships from the front.

There will be a lot of overtaking this weekend, so look forward to another exciting race.