McLaren's mid-season improvement boosts title chances

McLaren's mid-season improvement boosts title chances image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted June 25, 2010 15:09

2010 European Grand Prix

The European GP held in Valencia, is the second grand prix of the year to be held in Spain after Barcelona.

It's a street track, with quite a few quick bits on it and some actual run-off areas. It's quite smooth as far as street tracks go and very wide.

While Montreal is a low down-force circuit, and Valencia a high down-force circuit, they both share quite a few similarities. This should mean that the cars that were quick at the last race will be quick here.

I certainly hope so as the last race showed a great fight between the top three manufacturers, McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Red Bull has been dominating in the first half of the season, but McLaren have closed down the gap in the last two races, culminating in Hamilton's pole position and win in Canada.

With Montreal's low down-force configuration, the Ferraris were also competitive. They can afford to be bullish if they continue their form here in Valencia, due to the major upgrades they are bringing onto the car.

Both Massa and Alonso have expressed optimism that this new upgrade package will work. Ferrari will be desperate to show they can keep up with the rate of development that McLaren has shown.

In my opinion, McLaren have been very impressive with their mid-season development. At the moment as they did last year, McLaren are showing that in the middle of the season.

While still racing, they are able to up their development and improve the car at a rate none of the other teams can match.

This will be key for for the championship this year, and it's up to the others to stop them.