Red Bull aims to wrap up Constructors Title in Korea

Red Bull aims to wrap up Constructors Title in Korea image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted October 13, 2011 20:31

2011 Korean Grand Prix

We head into the Korean Grand Prix this weekend, with freshly crowned Driver's World Champion, Sebastian Vettel. His consistent performances this year made his crowning inevitable and in Japan, the whole paddock was praising the young German on his great season.

Red Bull will now be aiming to wrap up the constructor's title this weekend, and should do it comfortably, barring any strange incidents which result in both cars not finishing. So really the focus is turning to who will finish second in the driver's championship and with over 100 points still to play for this year. Webber, Button, Hamilton and Alonso will all fancy their chances.

Korea could throw up a surprise or two this weekend. It had unusually high tire wear last year, which Bridgestone put down to the newness of the trace and dirt on it. It did not become an issue in the race, because of the rain that come down, which meant the teams had to run on rain tires for most of the race. But it could be an issue this year.

Add to that the fact that Pirelli have bought soft and super soft tires and we could see a thrilling race, as these tires wear off very quickly indeed. This will play into the hands of Button and Alonso, who incidentally also finished first and second in the last race when tire wear was again high.

McLaren seemed to have found more speed in Japan and it should translate to genuine pace in Korea. Button is also driving very well and I expect him to bring that same confidence this weekend. Hamilton, however is under a lot of pressure to perform and not make any mistakes.

Korea also has the longest straight in Formula 1, so how the teams manage the DRS to overtake, while not compromising laptime will also be key along with their tire management for the weekend.