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Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted September 25, 2010 10:21

2010 Singapore Grand Prix

I cannot begin to express how much I am looking forward to this year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Not only is it one of the best Grand Prix's on the calendar, but we are at a pivotal point in the championship: we have five drivers within 24 points with 5 more races to go (125 points on offer), which makes it the most competitive season we have had, possibly ever.

It's a real vintage season and F1 fans everywhere should be savoring it. The standard has been incredibly high this year, with the two Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, two McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and the lone Ferrari of Fernando Alonso still in it.

McLaren believes this will THE deciding moment of the year for them and they certainly cannot afford to slip up here. This is a circuit where a driver can make a difference, and the performance of the McLaren should be very close to the two other teams.

But after this race will be Suzuka which is most definitely a Red Bull track and with McLaren expected to drop points there, a bad race here in Singapore could spell the end of their hopes in both championships.

Red bull have had the best car performance overall this year and with Webber leading the championship, they look best placed to win it outright, especially with 3 of the 5 remaining tracks expected to favor their car.

But as we have seen this year, there have been a couple of slip ups from the two team mates battling each other too hard and it makes you wonder if team orders might be implemented soon to help them secure their first world title.

One team with no problems with a lack of team orders is Ferrari and their number 1 driver, Alonso is hitting form just at the right time.

The car has also picked up in performance in the last few races and let's not forget that Ferrari know how to develop a car through the year to win championships.

Alonso will be strong here in Singapore and should he go on to another podium finish, he will look increasingly likely to snatch the Drivers’ championship from under McLaren and Red Bulls' noses.

The Singapore GP is probably the toughest race mentally and also one of the hottest, which really makes it a challenge to finish let alone win the race.

One thing is for certain, while we might not see the Drivers' Championship won here just yet, an inspired race from one of the big five, could be the platform which allow them to push on to win it later this season.