Strategy and Tire Management Key to Montreal

Strategy and Tire Management Key to Montreal image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted July 04, 2011 06:31

2011 Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian GP this weekend should be a good one for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s a track with a lot of long straights, which should play into the Pirelli tires and DRS, making it an overtaking fest.

Canada last year, against expectations, was also very hard on tyre wear, which means drivers and teams this year will have to be thinking on their feet with strategy and tyre management.

The main reason we should be in for a classic is that Canada does not have any high speed corners, where the RedBulls are at their strongest.

Just like the last race in Monaco, Ferrari and McLaren had their chances to win, with only a bit of luck and Sebastian Vettel's brilliant driving stopping them.

Other teams which have had good top speed this year like Force India, Renault and Mercedes could also upset the form book. With this race always being an eventful one, we could easily have a new race winner from outside the three big teams.

Unlike Monaco though, qualifying should not be important as it is easy to overtake here. So I expect drivers to be very canny in qualifying and taking risks to use as little tires as possible.

Like Mark Webber in China, a driver with four sets of brand new tires could do a lot of damage in the race.

Drivers must remember, while Montreal is not a true street track like Monaco, there are still a lot of walls to hit and any crashes in practice could compromise their qualifying.

As for the Grand Prix paddock, Montreal has always provided a brilliant show and up and down the pitlane, Canada ranks as one of the best or even the best GP of the year.