The Championship Heats Up in Spa

The Championship Heats Up in Spa image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted August 27, 2010 13:59

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

As a race track, Spa has always been a driver's favorite.

It has a perfect mixture of slow, medium and fast corners, and it has the greatest turn in the world in Eau Rouge.

These days, it is easily taken with full throttle, and while not the challenge it used to be, it is still the only corner that gives you vertical G-forces due to the sudden climb.

With the positively challenging track, I would expect a much closer fight at Spa, as well. While Team Redbull will be much quicker in the middle sector with its mix of medium and fast corners, the long straights in the first and third sector should allow McLaren and Ferrari to claw back any deficit.

Whatever the case, with the drivers' championship heating up, it's really crunch time and no one can afford a mistake in this crucial period of the season.

McLaren need to pull their socks up in this race.

This is a circuit which should allow Lewis Hamilton to be competitive enough to perhaps take back the championship lead from Mark Webber.

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have been doing the best job in qualifying in the last couple of races.

Expect the weather to play a role at Spa, as it usually does. And if that happens, buckle down for the best race of the season.

If we get dry conditions this weekend, this will be a major factor in favor to contenders Alonso and Vettel.

If the racing conditions become wet, all bets are off and expect this weekend to be a thrilling contest.