The Circuit Which Drivers Love

The Circuit Which Drivers Love image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted August 26, 2011 12:34

2011 Belgian Grand Prix

Spa is the circuit all the drivers love to come to. Along with Suzuka in Japan, this circuit challenges and thrills the drivers like no other, due to the fast sweeping nature of it.

The most famous corner at Spa is Eau Rouge, and there is no other corner like it anywhere in the world. It dips down, before elevating up at such a degree, that normal heavier road cars have to change down to first to motor up to the top.

While all the elevation change happens, the corner goes left, then right before finally going left again at the top of the crest and with full throttle. Fantastic.

We are just past the mid-point of the season, and if Ferrari and McLaren are going to make any inroads to snatching either one of the championships, they need to do it now.

Red Bull continue to lead, and others will be hoping that they will make mistakes along the way. And the best way to do so is applying pressure on the front-runners.

Unfortunately, Red Bull was very fast here last year, where Mark Webber secured pole position comfortably. The middle section of the track - where you have the insanely fast Pouhon followed by the zippy right-left chicanes, or 'biff baffs' - plays to the Red Bull's strengths.

So we know that Red Bull will easily be the quickest through qualifying, although there are signs that they won't have it all their own way. Ferrari's pace in Silverstone showed that they may have got a true handle on the medium to high speed stuff. If that's the case, then Ferrari should be right there here at Spa.

Most importantly, Spa is a circuit you can overtake on. Add the DRS and the new Pirelli's into the mix and we should have a fascinating race.

With all the long high speed corners, it is also a track with high tyre degradation - that is assuming the roads stay dry.

Because it's never fully dry at Spa. It is only an hour away from the Nurburgring, which means we will see frequent changing weather.

And due to the trees overlooking the track, it is normal for some parts to stay wet long after the rest of the track has become dry.

Indeed, a track that is truly a challenge for the F1 drivers.