Top Teams to Fight Hard in Hungary

Top Teams to Fight Hard in Hungary image

Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted July 29, 2011 12:32

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

The last Grand Prix in Hungary was a great affair, and the first time this year we have seen all of the three top teams, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren fight on equal footing.

It was a thrilling race as it came down to the drivers to make a difference - as their times ebbed and flowed lap after lap, we saw the lead swing back and forth between the three of them.

The ultimate pace between Hamilton, Alonso and Webber was in actual fact very similar as it had been in qualifying, which again is the first time we have seen this year. Usually the Red Bulls are streets ahead over that one lap on Saturday.

In the beginning of the race, team Red Bull was slightly harder on its tires which led to Webber pitting first. Although the track gripped up further, this became less of an issue.

The fascinating thing to watch was how Alonso was quicker at the end of each stint, but Hamilton found something as the race went on and was soon just that tenth or two a lap quicker.

He admitted after the race, that playing with his lines helped him find that extra bit for the win.

Ferrari will feel happy with their pace, although they do need to work a bit more on getting their tires up to the right temperature. After each pit stop for new tires, you could see them struggling with grip for a lap or two.

This weekend, Hungary should be more of the same, with all three teams fighting hard for the win, although I think Red Bull will still be favorite for pole position.

It is a very tight and twisty circuit and the cars will be running in almost a Monaco setup to get as much mechanical grip as possible.

Let's hope for some changes in the conditions though, because even with the DRS and Pirelli tires, I do not anticipate much overtaking if it stays dry.