Welcome Return to Montreal

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Text: Alex Yoong / Photos: | posted June 11, 2010 22:08

2010 Canadian Grand Prix

It's great to be going back to Montreal this year. Round 8 of the championship will be a thrilling one - just think back to two years ago when Kubica won his first race for BMW in an incident packed race.

Montreal, along with Monza, has the longest straights on the F1 calendar, which allow the cars to slip stream each other for the opportunity to overtake.

The circuit is very close to down town Montreal, which means the race has one of the best atmospheres on the calendar.

The track is based around the site of the 1976 Olympics and is mostly a street track. I say mostly because while the roads are open to the public, there are run off areas and grass, unlike the typical street tracks like Singapore and Monaco. Montreal is most like Melbourne in that regard.

What we have seen in the last race at Istanbul, is that McLaren have closed the gap to Red Bull and both teams are almost a second a lap quicker than the opposition right now.

McLaren have a better sorted F Duct, that increases the straight line speed, and so may have the advantage here in Montreal due to the long straights.

Also the absence of fast corners means the advantages both teams have will be reduced, so the whole field should be closer.

Now we are at the business end of the championship, it's great to see the drivers starting to show their true colors and not give their teammates any quarter.

That's why we saw the Red Bulls coming together at the last race and the McLarens also doing the same thing too.

The drivers realize that any advantage they may be able to eek out against the man they must beat most - their teammates may continue throughout the year.

It is that close this year.