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A lighter look at the more interesting habits, traditions and conventions of Filipino car owners

posted October 20, 2016 11:43 by Vince Pornelos
Seven unique and amusing habits of Filipino car owners image

We go off-roading -and rallying- the Mitsubishi way, and with Hiroshi Masuoka

posted October 13, 2016 09:25 by Vince Pornelos
Off-Road Awesome: The Mitsubishi 4x4 Camp image

If your car is overheating, read our guide on how to keep your cool and manage the boilover.

posted October 11, 2016 11:17 by Anton Andres
Boiling point: What to do when your car overheats image

We tour Bali with Mini's interpretation of open top motoring

posted October 06, 2016 19:15 by Inigo S. Roces
First Drive: 2016 Mini Cooper S Cabriolet image

We get an in-depth look of the 2017 R35 GT-R with Nissan's self confessed 'car geek' Hiroshi Tamura

posted October 04, 2016 07:52 by Anton Andres
Nissan's Mister GT-R: Hiroshi Tamura image

Team Autoindustriya's highlights at the 2016 Targa Manila

posted September 30, 2016 19:05 by Anton Andres
Time is of the essence: 2016 Targa Manila image

We drive the Peugeot 308 to the south of the metro and see what makes it stand out from the crowd

posted September 01, 2016 16:19 by Anton Andres
First Drive: Southern sojourn with the Peugeot 308 image

How far have we come in the C-Segment? We drive the Big Body Corolla and the Altis back to back

posted August 26, 2016 10:04 by Justin Estrella
Past meets present: The Toyota Corolla Big Body and Altis image

We put the EcoBoost engine through its paces in the real world

posted August 16, 2016 14:00 by Anton Andres
EcoBoost revisited: Ford Focus to Northern Luzon image

5 tips and tricks on how to get the best deals at Metro Manila's auto parts hub

posted August 09, 2016 16:04 by Vince Pornelos
How To Shop In Banawe Like A Pro image