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  • BMW2 Series Coupe
  • BMW2 Series Coupe
  • BMW2 Series Coupe
  • BMW2 Series Coupe

2015 BMW 2 Series Coupe

updated: February 21, 2015 13:51 | launched: 17-07-22 08:54:51

The 1 Series Coupe is no more. If you want the 1 Series as a sporty coupe, you now have to look at the 2 Series. Seen as the spiritual successor of the iconic E30 3 Series, the small coupe guarantees thrills with its 50:50 weight distribution, rear wheel drive and range of turbocharged engines. Power junkies can also get their shot of adrenaline with the range-topping M235i powered by a silky turbocharged six cylinder.



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