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2015 Joylong Hivan

updated: November 30, 2014 00:00 | launched: 17-07-29 01:02:59

If the Deluxe is too rudimentary, the Hivan offers a more personalized seating layout and even a luxury model for those that want a plush van to be chauffeured around in. The 12-, 15- and 19-seater variants are the model's commercial vehicles while the 9-seater is considered as the luxury van with its ottoman seats. An 8-seater is also available and comes standard with a wheelchair lifter. All models are driven by a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel, with the exception of the luxury model which can be specified with a larger 2.8-liter turbo-diesel.


2015 Joylong Hivan VARIANTS AND PRICES


2489cc Diesel


2489cc Diesel


2489cc Diesel


2489cc Diesel

*While we at strive to provide updated and accurate information, vehicle specifications and prices are subject to change by manufacturers and distributors without prior notice.

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