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2016 Toyota Vios

updated: December 27, 2016 12:00 | launched: 17-05-30 17:08:50

Toyota's best-selling model in the country gets a new powertrain for 2016 courtesy of a new series of engines and transmission. Underneath the familiar exterior and interior of 2016 Vios lies the new NR series of engines. Compared to the outgoing engines, the NR series now has Dual VVT-i for better fuel consumption and power delivery. Other than that, the old automatic gearbox has been replaced with a CVT for better fuel economy.


Some may say that CVT takes away driver involvement but I do have to say that it makes sense in a car like this. With fuel economy being one of the priorities of buyers in the segment, Toyota's CVT emphasizes fuel economy over outright performance. Driving along a relatively free stretch of road, the RPMs were kept low, allowing it to burn less fuel than the old 4-speed unit. It no longer needs to rev high to get moving, staying steady at around 2,000 RPM to pick up pace at a decent rate. Let off the pedal and cruise at 60 km/h and it practically idles. Kudos to Toyota for switching to this transmission.

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1.5 TRD

1496cc Gas


1.5 G CVT

1496cc Gas


1.5 G MT

1496cc Gas


1.3 E CVT

1329cc Gas


1.3 E MT

1329cc Gas


1.3 J MT

1329cc Gas


1.3 Base MT

1329cc Gas

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