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2016 Toyota Yaris

updated: July 10, 2017 01:47 | launched: 17-07-21 06:37:41

Toyota's B-segment hatch gets a refresh in the form of new Dual VVT-i engines and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Replacing the old NZ engine series is the new line of inline-fours from the NR family. Available in 1.3- and 1.5-liter displacements, Toyota claimed these new engines will deliver performance and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, succeeding the old 4-speed automatic is a new CVT which comes with a 7-speed manual sequential shifting.


The new CVT may have made the powertrain slightly less responsive but the new engine was quite revvy. Drive the Yaris with gusto and the motor will happily oblige. And since it's a hatchback, the Yaris was more fun to tackle tight bends compared to the trunked Vios. The CVT also has a manual mode with seven 'simulated' gear ratios to play with, a real treat in my opinion

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What we have here is the 1.3 E CVT variant which sits in the middle of the range. As far as updates go, Toyota didn't do anything to the exterior.

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1.5 G CVT

1496cc Gas


1.3 E CVT

1329cc Gas


1.3 E MT

1329cc Gas

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