Nissan Navara Pro-4X is the capable off-road truck that you can enjoy everyday

The highly-anticipated arrival of the new Nissan Navara brings with it a new top-of-the-line variant that’s decked inside and out with the automaker’s latest safety features and equipment. That makes this truck, the Pro-4X, the most capable Navara you can get straight from the showroom.

Let's take a peek at the new Nissan Navara Pro-4X and see what makes it special.


Its defining exterior feature is the new matte black 'interlock' grille (it comes in chrome in other Navara variants) that was first seen on its full-size sibling the Titan. It now has two thicker pillars on either side and a diamond-shaped mesh.

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To raise exclusivity a little further, NISSAN is also spelled in 'Lava Orange' at the center of the logo, it gets 'Lava Orange' highlights on the fender arch and the front underbody garnish, black roof rails, and 17-inch black alloy wheels with Yokohama all-terrain tires.

Nissan renewed the cabin with Pro-4X details such as the color cues with the same black-and-orange logo on the steering wheel, black door handles, and the variant name stitched on the Zero Gravity front leather seats.

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There’s Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, USB, and Aux connectivity. Plus, a dual-zone automatic climate control system with rear A/C vents for enhanced comfort even in blistering hot tropical weather.

The Navara Pro-4X has three 12-volt sockets, 1 USB data port for the audio system, 2 standard size USB ports for charging, and even another USB-C port. These are all the modern niceties the young market looks for in a vehicle.

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But what really makes the PRO-4X stand out versus all other Navara variants is what you can’t see. Under all this sheet metal is a complete suite of features from Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility. Let’s start things off with Intelligent Around-View Monitor or IAVM, as Nissan says it’s now been enhanced for off-road performance. In layman’s terms, it means the vehicle has a built-in ‘spotter’ to help you navigate through rough terrain.

All the visual information about obstacles and paths is available from the monitor (which is the same 8-inch touchscreen as the previous Navara) but this time the guidelines move precisely according to the steering input. 

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Why is this such a big deal? Imagine having to turn into a very tight corner on a narrow dirt alley or climbing a 35-degree slope. In both cases, the driver needs to know where the wheels are placed and how they’re positioned to either prevent damage to the truck or to stay on the slope.

With four ultra-wide-angle cameras, and a sophisticated image processing unit, the IAVM shows you how much steering input the truck needs using the moving guidelines in order to avoid obstacles while also showing the vehicle’s position is relative to its surroundings. It even works in pitch-black darkness as demoed on a twisty route under a full canopy of black curtains. With no lights on, the monitor will show where the posts were and how much turn to execute to go through safely.

Whether it’s avoiding a dangerous drop-off or body-scratching boulders, the IAVM is an off-road (and on-road) driver’s new best friend when tackling the slopes.

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Speaking of slopes, it comes with Hill Descent Control that automatically adjusts your speed and brake pressure while going down a steep grade, which lets the truck maintain movement at a controlled speed.

On steep upward inclines, Hill Start Assist lets the driver step off the brake for two seconds, which is more than enough time to step on the accelerator to continue the climb.

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To increase comfort during weekday trips to the office or just the grocery, all Navaras come with a multi-link suspension that’s been enhanced with dual-rate coil springs that absorb minor ripples while increasing grip. This is made possible by having a precise transition point and transition range to a secondary higher spring rate for improved body control in various load and road conditions.

Then of course there are more intelligent driver assistance features like Forward Collision Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, Driver Attention Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, High Beam Assist, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

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Now don’t think for a second that this truck is all looks and no game. Nissan does take their 4x4 capabilities and ruggedness very seriously, as this is the company that builds legendary off-roaders like the Patrol. 

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It retains the 2.5L diesel engine with a variable turbocharger that pumps 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque to the 4WD system via a 7-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. While the VL and the VE boast of the same power and mechanical equipment, only the range-topping trim VL PRO-4X has the complete package – the looks and safety features to complement its off-roading prowess.

Nissan also beefed up the chassis with more reinforcement to raise payload to over 1 metric ton while also slightly raising the bed height to improve the truck’s look when laden.

Fitted with all-terrain tires as standard, the Pro-4X can be taken on challenging terrain straight from the showroom, and has proven its water wading depth of 600mm many times over. And true off-roaders will enjoy the fact that the Pro-4X gets an electronic locking rear differential as standard equipment. 

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With this new and more capable Navara Pro-4X, Nissan is making it easier for off-road enthusiasts to enjoy professional capabilities, all in a more comfortable package. What's more, is customers will get a 5-year warranty for all variants.

For more information, visit your nearest Nissan dealership to learn about the new Navara, or you can visit the New Navara microsite from the safety of your own home.