Any great business succeeds with mobility. Whether you're moving containers from the port to your warehouse, delivering merchandise from your factory to the point-of-sale retailer, or you're shuttling men and material from one jobsite to another, Isuzu has the vehicle for the job.

Isuzu F and E Series

From the light duty, N-Series which comprises the NHR, NKR, NPR, and NQR, the medium duty
F-Series such as the FRR, FSR, FVR and FVM, to the heavy-duty C-Series and E-Series, Isuzu can move it all. 

Business needs to be moved, and here are five key reasons why Isuzu is the perfect partner that can help you move your business forward.

Isuzu C and E Series

1.) Quality to Impress You and Your Clients

Success is built on impressions, particularly the first impressions. When a delivery is made with any of Isuzu's trucks, your clients will know that your company prides itself in acquiring the best, and highest quality mobility solutions available on the market.

Better yet the Isuzu C-Series and E-Series of trucks are manufactured in Japan, while the N-Series and F-Series trucks are proudly Filipino made at Isuzu's plant in Biñan, Laguna, applying the same Isuzu global standards and quality. 

Isuzu N-Series

2.) Versatility, Customized to Your Needs

Need a semi-truck, a container van, a car carrier, or other specialized vehicle to meet your needs? Regardless of your business's needs, Isuzu has a wide variety of options to meet them. Using an Isuzu truck as your base, your business can customize the configuration with any of Isuzu's accredited body builder partners to construct a rear-body to fit your specifications. 

Need a simple passenger van body with side-facing benches for your school service fleet? Do you require a specialized crane to lift loads onto the flatbed for your construction business? Does your towing fleet need a reliable car carrier to attend to motorists in need? With an Isuzu as the backbone of your fleet, they will connect you to the right customizers to cater your needs.

Isuzu reliability

3.) Reliability Your Business Can Depend On

Dependable mobility is what drives any business, and any company that runs on the clock and relies on precise timing of deliveries is naturally allergic to any kind of vehicle breakdown or service downtimes. With Isuzu, you won't experience any of the sort. 

Isuzu engines are also built to the high standards for reliability and ruggedness, ensuring that your business keeps moving men, material, and merchandise. Relying on Isuzu trucks ensures that you're making money, not making you spend it getting towed and making repairs.

Isuzu NHR

4.) Fuel Economy That Saves You Money

Isuzu takes great pride in producing trucks that are widely regarded as some of the most efficient in the business. With advanced technologies, such as direct injection and superb power and torque from the turbo-intercooler system, Isuzu trucks can get your products anywhere you need to go with speed and, more importantly, efficiency.

The NHR, the best-selling model of the N-Series, can achieve a fuel economy up to 16.07 kilometers per liter, meaning your business can save money in the long run. Isuzu's corporate website has a fuel economy calculator that can help you estimate how much fuel it will take for your delivery runs.

5 great reasons why Isuzu is the best for your business

5.) After-Sales That Takes Care of You

Isuzu's service has always proved to be consistently one of the best in the automotive industry as the company aims to deliver customer service in keeping with the best practices in the market. Quick service turnarounds, affordable maintenance costs, attentive customer service already build on a solid product line from light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty applications.

Over the years, Isuzu has consistently ranked well above industry standards, as exhibited by the many studies conducted by J.D. Power and Associates on the Philippine industry. In 2016 alone, Isuzu ranked second overall in the Philippine Sales Satisfaction Index study; a testament to the company's efforts to deliver competitive products at competitive prices and with the customer at the center of it all.