Buying a vehicle is like a long term relationship.

You'll be making monthly payments over the next few years for it. You'll be depending on it to get you where you need to go comfortably and reliably. You'll have to make sure that it won't just fit your lifestyle needs now but can still keep doing so several years after you first drive it out of the dealership.

That means you need to pick one that's the perfect fit for your life.

But what is the perfect fit? Each driver's wants and needs are very different and toss in the needs of a family, then the importance of making an informed choice is paramount.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the Hyundai Tucson, the Korean automaker's versatile everyday crossover is an SUV that is at the leading edge of that list. And we think there are five key reasons why.

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You've got the style you desire with the Tucson

Average looking is not something you want in terms of style, and definitely not something you'd want in a vehicle you'll park in your garage or driveway. Thankfully Hyundai is at the cutting edge of vehicle style.

For years, they've shaped and styled their cars to be some of the most striking in the automotive world, and the Tucson is the proof of that. The Tucson's style is the perfect middle ground between the youthful exuberance of the Kona, as well as the stately maturity of the Santa Fe, giving you the best of both worlds in style.

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The new Tucson was designed in Europe, intended to feel and look right at home not only amongst the beautiful architecture of the continent's historic cities but their trendiest and hippest locales. The now-signature Cascading Grille tells passersby that this crossover is bold, and its flanked by a pair of projector headlamps.

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The Tucson features striking lines and creases that give it unique character amongst the crossover crowd, a future-forward look that exudes dynamism and youth. Don't worry that you won't enjoy the style from behind the steering wheel as the Tucson's interior designers gave the cabin a look that matches the look. That ensures that what others can only see and envy from the outside, well, you can enjoy even more from the inside.

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You've got the space you need with the Tucson

While a lot of the market wants to have a new sedan or even a bigger SUV, the Tucson is actually the perfect size to meet all your needs.

Many of us dream of owning a coupe, but really it's space that matters, especially when you have a family already. You'll want space for five, and on that note, the Tucson excels. Even with five people inside, they've got plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable for a long drive.

In terms of cargo space, no sedan can compare. In the standard configuration with the rear seats up, the Tucson has a total of 513 liters of space. That's plenty for luggage for 5 people for a long weekend away, or for a shopping spree when the malls go on sale. And you've got hooks on the seatbacks so your shopping bags won't have to tumble as you enjoy your drive.

But if you need space for more, you can fold down the seats, which triples the cargo space to 1,503 liters. More importantly, that allows you to bring all kinds of sports equipment like golf sets for a morning at the links or bicycles for an adventure in the great outdoors.

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You've got the drive to lead with the Tucson

Driving enjoyment is important, and with the Tucson, you've got that in spades.

Being a crossover means it has the size and space of an SUV, but also has the driving dynamics and comfort of a passenger car; the best of both worlds. The rigid unibody makes use of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) that keep the weight down and enhance rigidity for safety and for handling. The MacPherson front suspension and multi-link rear suspension ensure a comfortable and smooth car-like ride and with the handling to match, while four-wheel disc brakes give you the assurance you need on a spirited drive.

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As for engines, you actually have two types to choose from. If you prefer the slick operation of a gasoline engine, you can opt for the 155 PS 2.0-liter Nu MPI petrol model that has, and it can be matched with a 6-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual, driving the front wheels.

The cream of the crop, however, is the turbodiesel model in the GL and GLS variants of the Tucson. It has 185 PS of power and 41 kg-m of torque for plenty of pull thanks to Hyundai's leading 2.0-liter CRDI turbodiesel technology, coupled with their advanced variable geometry turbocharger. And as a perfect pairing, it's matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, meaning you'll have superb fuel economy on the highway, and you'll have the acceleration you desire when going up a mountain.

The Tucson will give you a drive that you'll undoubtedly enjoy.

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You've got a safe and easy drive with the Tucson

Convenience is everything, and Hyundai wants to make sure that its customers have the utmost convenience when they drive with a variety of power features for comfort.

All variants of the Tucson come with power windows, power door locks, power-adjustable mirrors, and a smooth and light motor-driven power steering system. In the high-grade variant, Hyundai has added a power-adjustable driver's seat, as well as a drive mode selector for the motor-driven power steering unit so you can tailor the setting to your liking.

And there's also the peace of mind that the Tucson gives you in terms of safety. The body is not only engineered to provide a safe space for its occupants -your family- in the event of a collision along with a pair of front airbags for enhanced safety, Hyundai has also fitted the model with many electronic safety features to prevent such accidents.

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To give you maximum control even in uncontrollable conditions like soaked and slippery roads, all variants of the Tucson come with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to give you steering control to avoid a collision even under hard braking. The high-grade GLS variant goes even further with Electronic Stability Control, Downhill Braking Control, and Hill Start Assist Control.

For convenience while parking, all Tucson variants come with a rear parking sensor system so you can easily parallel park. The GLS variant does one better by having a rearview camera with dynamic guidelines for perfect parking, every time.

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You've got the connectivity you want with the Tucson 

Need to stay connected all the time? We don't blame you. Our busy lives demand that we must always be a phone call away, and on that, Hyundai has you covered with the Tucson.

All variants of the Tucson come with Bluetooth as standard, so you can take or even make calls without distracting yourself from the road. And given new legislation, that also means you'll be driving without fear of expensive violation tickets.

All Tucson models also come with USB input and an auxiliary port so you can play all your music without a problem. In the GL variants, you get a 3.5-inch floating display audio system with 6 speakers around the cabin. In the GLS, you've got one better as it comes with a nicer 7-inch display audio system.


With the Hyundai Tucson, a perfect fit is always within reach, and the best bit about it is the pricing for the model line up. The entry grade model is the Tucson 2.0 GL 6MT 2WD, and it's available at PhP 1,368,000. If you want an automatic, that starts with the Tucson 2.0 GL 6AT 2WD at PhP 1,448,000. If you desire the torque and performance of a turbodiesel, you can opt for the Tucson 2.0 CRDI GL for PhP 1,715,000. But for the fully loaded package, you can get the Tucson 2.0 GLS CRDI for PhP 1,885,000.

5 reasons why Hyundai

And if you're in the market for this SUV that can easily fit your lifestyle, your timing couldn't be better: they have a pretty awesome promo for in that will give you 5 years of peace of mind. Hyundai is giving new owners of the Tucson, Santa Fe, and Grand Starex with a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty that shows you what kind of faith that they have in their vehicles.

Not only that, Hyundai goes above and beyond with 5 years of free preventive maintenance service, or PMS. That means for 5 years Hyundai will maintain your vehicle for you under their PMS package, and that covers parts, labor, and lubricants. All you have to do is follow the schedule, and your Hyundai is good to go. Learn more.