Make no mistake about it: there's a battle going on out there.

Everyday there is a struggle between our four-wheeled machines and the concrete jungle. Our rough roads, our demand for more versatility, our small parking spaces and narrow streets pose serious challenges to personal mobility on four wheels.

If you're in a Ford EcoSport, however, none of that matters. This B-segment sport utility vehicle makes quick work of any and all challenges that the metro can and will throw its way.

As the ultimate urban warrior, here are five great reasons why the EcoSport is a great choice as your next daily drive.

Ecosport Ground Clearance

More clearance, more ability

In a city with less-than-ideal roads (and an often overwhelmed drainage system) the EcoSport's height and clearance will allow you to rise above it.

Are there rocks or debris in your way? Fret not as if it's less than 200mm or about 8 inches in height, it's not a problem. The EcoSport's undercarriage is nearly flat, meaning you can clear most road debris without having to maneuver around. Even the most challenging of village speed bumps is not a problem either.

Is there standing water in your way from a quick and sudden downpour? If that's the case, you can ford through water that's half a meter deep with no issues, as the EcoSport is rated to wade through standing water that is 550mm in depth.

Ecosport right size

The right size for the city

With the Ford EcoSport, maneuvering around the metro's streets is not a problem. The high seating position and the big windshield and window area means you don't have to sit up perfectly straight to be able to confidently see around you.

The compact dimensions make the EcoSport very maneuverable around town, especially in tight, 90-degree corners and intersections. The large 16-inch wheels with high-profile tires means gutter scrapes won't be as common.

The compact size also helps make the EcoSport easier to park and fit into small spaces common in malls and supermarkets, and that's even on days with a major sale. And then there's the Rear Parking Sensors that not only lets you know how far you are by a recognizable tone, but also by an animated diagram on the main LCD screen.

EcoSport tech

The EcoSport is smarter than your average car

Technology is one of the Ford EcoSport's main advantages, as Ford made sure to equip their B-segment SUV with as many advanced features that they have in their menu.

Got plenty of songs on your playlist? The EcoSport comes with Ford's proprietary SYNC multimedia system, and it has Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and even a good ol' analog auxiliary port if you feel like it. And even better, SYNC can let you make calls or even pick songs by voice command.

Ecosport cargo space

The EcoSport can carry more

Space is aplenty aboard the Ford EcoSport. There is seating for a driver and four passengers with plenty of space left over for luggage or packages. Ford achieved this by having the spare tire on the tailgate, freeing up more cargo room in the back.

Not only that, if the rear seats are folded down, the EcoSport can take on much larger and bulkier items. Bicycles (after removing the front wheel, of course) can be fitted, and handling supermarket runs for a large family is not a problem. The EcoSport's cavernous interior can also take on boxes that contain the average household washing machine, and with room to spare thanks to 705 liters of available cargo space. For other items, the EcoSport also has over 20 intelligent storage locations such as large door pockets, under seat storage and even a cooled glovebox to keep your drinks chilled on the road.

EcoSport urban warrior

Power and Economy to take on the challenges ahead 

Under the hood of the EcoSport is the 1.5 liter Ti-VCT engine producing 110 PS and 142 Nm of torque. Not only that, the EcoSport is available with one of the most advanced gearboxes in the market: a 6-speed dual clutch transmission that they call PowerShift. The transmission allows for near-lossless operation and great fuel economy, especially when venturing out of town.

The EcoSport covers power and economy to satisfy urban drives but most importantly, the EcoSport was developed to endure even the most challenging kinds of roads and surfaces.

The first generation EcoSport was a model meant for Latin America, meaning it was made to take on the punishment of roads common in developing markets, as a result the EcoSport was one of the best selling Ford models in Brazil.

The current second generation EcoSport builds on that reputation for durability, and was even further developed to absorb the punishment that roads around the world -from smooth tarmac to rough concrete and even light trails- can send its way. With tough underpinnings proven in Latin America, India and the ASEAN region, it comes as no surprise that the EcoSport has become the best-selling B-segment SUV in the Philippine market as well.


Ecosport urban drive

Equipped with many qualities and abilities that make it a true urban warrior, the Ford EcoSport is more than ready to take on whatever challenges the modern lifestyle in the concrete jungle can dish out, and more.

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