There are few more satisfying moments than shopping for your very first car. As vehicle prices only continue to rise, purchasing something that meets all your wants and needs is very important. From comfort, performance and efficiency, and to overall value, you as a first-time car owner must get the best value out of every centavo spent.

The Honda City has long been a staple on Philippine roads, and there are a lot of reasons why this is so. We’re here to look at both the VX or VX+ Navi CVT variants, and why we think it makes for an ideal first car for you, the new car owner.

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1. Loaded with space, safety, and features

Given its price point, you would expect what could be a basic cabin. This is not the case with the Honda City. Both variants are premium in appearance and to the touch. This in itself speaks of the quality of materials used.

It’s a sedan made for 5 individuals, and it can very well seat 5 adults. All those inside are not left wanting for in-car entertainment either, as it’s provided by a touchscreen multimedia system that is Bluetooth, voice control, and Navigation ready.

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Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, driver and passenger airbags come standard, and safety is upped more in the VX+ variant with front and rear curtain, and rear side airbags, plus Stability Control and Hill-Start Assist.

Whether it’s a first car for seasoned or experienced drivers, the Honda City is sure to impress inside and out.

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2. Proven i-VTEC Engines

Under the City’s hood is a 1.5-liter SOHC i-VTEC engine. Smaller engines normally equate to lower power figures, but this is not so with the Honda City: it has 120 horsepower along with 145 Nm of torque.

Even more impressive is that even with a lot of mileage, the engine still holds up very well. You can expect no strange noises emanating from the engine, and given proper maintenance, your Honda City will be able to serve you with a lot more years on the clock.

Maintenance being mentioned, let’s move to that point.

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3. Ease of maintenance

Maintenance is something you should take very seriously. As a car continues being driven day-to-day, normal wear and tear should be expected, and be prepared for. The Honda City has proven that it is not a high-maintenance car, though.

As a daily drive, you can expect the City to maintain its engine performance, and more importantly, noises, knocks, and rattles from the suspension are not so easy to come even with constant use. Despite its pricing, the City’s parts and components are rather durable, and have proven to not be prone to early degradation.

Add to that the fact that Honda has numerous dealerships nationwide, and you are sure to have access to all the parts and services that you need wherever you and your Honda City may be, should the need arise. Oh, and you only have to visit a dealership for service every 10,000 kilometers or every 6 months (whichever comes first).

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4. Outstanding fuel efficiency

Especially for the newer generation of car owners and drivers, fuel consumption has become a very big factor for purchasing a car. The Honda City performs well in this aspect as well.

In the stop-and-go traffic-ridden streets of the Metro, you can expect the Honda City’s average to go up to 8.5 kilometers per liter. If you take it to the long stretches of highways, you can expect that to get better: up to 13.2 kilometers per liter.

Who says you can’t have fun and still consume reasonable amounts of fuel with the Honda City?

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5. Holds its value well

The brand has always spoken for itself. With a Honda, right from the dealership and even years after you first drive it out, your car’s value is maintained very well.

With Honda services and parts, plus the overall build quality of their vehicles, the Honda City is sure to make every centavo of your purchase worth it for many years more.


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These are only some of the main highlights and features why we think the Honda City VX and VX+ Navi CVT are worth being your first car. We’re pretty sure there are a lot more, and you can go to your nearest dealership to see and learn more about the City.

The Honda City VX Navi CVT is priced at PHP 985,000, and the VX+ Navi CVT is priced at PHP 1,068,000.

Honda is also offering a special promo for both variants of the City. Buyers can take advantage of Low Cash Out (as low as a 10%) downpayment, long payment terms from 36, 48, or 60 months, plus free insurance packages (from select bank partners) until July 31, 2020.