Gone are the days when a tool is only meant to do one thing.

We like it when a pocket knife can drive screws, can grip things with the pliers or tweezers, can hold a little pull-out pen, all while preserving its function as a cutting tool. We like it when a smartphone has the ability to stay connected and browse the web, has a variety of social media apps, has a good camera front and back that can take HD video, play games in 3D, function as a personal jukebox, all on top of its primary functions of calling and sending messages.

The key to success depends on the ability to multi-task and do more, be more, and excel at more than what is expected. That's what makes the Nissan Navara truly special.

Many out there are probably thinking: a pick-up truck can't be a multi-tasker because they're made to pull and haul. But the Nissan Navara is here to prove otherwise, and here are six key reasons how this truck can do so much more than many of us think.

6 Reasons Why The Nissan Navara Is The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You Can Enjoy The Ride

Traditionally trucks have had ride qualities that can almost churn milk into butter, but not so with the Nissan Navara.

The trucks we know typically have leaf spring suspension in the back; great for carrying loads, but not for comfort. The Navara uses coil springs on all four wheels and a more advanced multi-link suspension set up in the back, making it the only pick-up truck in the market to do so.

Yes, the Navara uses a suspension set up similar to a lot of cars and SUVs. What that means is the Navara has a more comfortable ride and better control when cornering... and your milk will stay as milk.

6 Reasons Why The Nissan Navara Is The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You Can Feel Like You're In A Premium Car

Normally trucks are about being utilitarian, meaning most of what you touch is either plastic and vinyl, and it's all in generic gray. It all looks synthetic and generic because it's expected to get a lot of use and is designed to be easily cleaned.

The Navara, however, shows us that just because it can be utilitarian in purpose does not mean it has to look utilitarian. The dashboard was crafted to be in line with the design of some of Nissan's more premium models like the Altima, and with maximum usability and ergonomics in mind.

There's a generous use of high grade materials to give a more quality, upscale feel. It's more comfortable too as Nissan used Zero-G seats that they developed with input from space exploration for excellent back comfort for low fatigue on even the longest of drives. Some variants of the Navara even get leather, and it's all easy to clean and maintain.

6 Reasons Why The Nissan Navara Is The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You Can Have It Easy With The Smart Features

Nissan put a lot of thought into how safe, how useful, how versatile, and how convenient the Navara will be for its owners.

Safety is paramount of course, and so all variants of the Navara come standard with dual airbags, an Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, and Brake Assist for greater control. The high-grade variants get even more as with Traction Control, Active Brake Limited Slip, Hill Descent Control, and Vehicle Dynamics Control. For greater convenience, some versions get reverse cameras for easy parking, cruise control for easy highway driving, and Hill Start Assist for more confidence when driving up ramps or inclines.

The Navara has quite a lot of features that are unique or even unheard of in the pick-up class. Things like the 7-speed automatic for the top 4x4 versions, Bluetooth connectivity, push button ignition systems and smart keys are just some of the advantages of the Navara. Bottle holders, cupholders and 12-volt sockets are smartly positioned around the cabin and there's even an umbrella holder on the floor in the back,. For real convenience especially for the rear passengers are the rear A/C vents to beat the heat in our tropical weather.

6 Reasons Why The Nissan Navara Is The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You Can Take It Anywhere

The key to the Navara is its go-anywhere capabilities. Standard Navara versions get a minimum ground clearance of 205mm, but mid and high grade versions get 243mm and 245mm of clearance, respectively, allowing the Navara to avoid scraping larger obstacles and debris on the road. And it makes wading through urban flash floods as easy as pie.

4x4 versions have the ability to really go on roads never travelled. A shift-on-the-fly system allows the driver to select four-wheel drive on the go, and the suite of smart safety and traction systems will give the driver the confidence needed to take on the most challenging of terrains.

6 Reasons Why The Nissan Navara Is The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You Can Carry and Pull (Most) Anything

We've gone on about the advantages of the Navara, but the real test of any truck is its carrying capacity.

The bed out back measures in at 1,503mm long, 1560mm wide, and 474mm deep, enabling the Navara to carry massive pieces of cargo. Whether you're moving big appliances to your new apartment, condo or house, loading up with bulky powertools for a jobsite or just carring bicycles and diving gear for a weekend away, the Navara has you covered.

The Navara can also pull most anything you can throw at it. The strong 2.5-liter common-rail direct injection variable turbodiesel engine has 163 metric horsepower and 403 Newton-meters of torque on hand for the EL, Calibre and standard versions, while the top-of-the-line VL has 190 horsepower and 450 Newton-meters of torque ensures that you have more than enough to pull a small wheeled cement mixer, or a trailer with jetskis or even a small personal watercraft.

6 Reasons Why The Nissan Navara Is The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You Can Be Assured Of Toughness That Lasts

If there's one thing Nissan is known for, it's a legendary toughness for their big vehicles like the Patrol or the many pick-ups that preceded the Navara. Nissan has well over 8 decades of experience in manufacturing trucks, and the Navara benefits from that long and storied history.

The high-strength chassis can take a lot of punishment from repeated use on challenging terrain or heavy loads. The full length boxed ladder frame provides for a firm and rigid backbone for the Navara, ensuring that your truck will stand the test of time and everything else in between.


When life demands a great and sharp-looking vehicle with all smart and convenience features that you need to navigate the urban jungle, the Navara is what you need. When life demands a tough workhorse for the jobsite that can also navigate the actual jungle on weekends, the Navara is what you need.

Whether for the urban grind or for outdoor play, for tough hauling jobs or for weekend cruises on the highway, the multi-tasker of trucks, the Nissan Navara, is more than ready to prove why it's the beast of both worlds.