If you're anything like us, you miss a lot about your daily routine. 

You miss getting up in the morning, putting on your business wear, getting a cup of coffee, and driving to work. Heck, you may even miss sitting in traffic altogether.

Don't worry though: the quarantine, wherever you may be in the country, will eventually come to an end. And that begs the question: what next? 

Are you going to hop back on your daily routine and drive the same vehicle? Maybe it's time for an upgrade, something that can help you win on the daily drive?

If that's the case then Suzuki Philippines might have what you're looking for. The company launched two new models very recently: the XL7 crossover and the S-Presso hatchback. 

Yes, the XL7 and S-Presso may be very different, but make no mistake about it: these two Suzukis are out to help you win. Let's explain how.

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

Win in Style

Every day we all must dress to impress. The same applies to the vehicles we drive, and the good thing is that a well-designed car does need not be expensive.

Take the very affordable S-Presso, for instance. This Suzuki is a small crossover that has been imbued with the stylings of a rugged SUV. The upright look, the high beltline, and a black lower bumper all combine for a vehicle built for active individuals, and it looks like a lot of fun on the road. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

And then there's the XL7. It already looks good because it shares a lot with its MPV cousin: the stylish Suzuki Ertiga. To make the XL7, Suzuki's top designers injected the MPV with the stalwart design elements that make crossover SUVs so appealing like a taller ride, more cladding, and a more muscular feel overall. 

These two are no doubt winners in design. And that same fun appeal translates to the interior as well, as both have cabins that were crafted to give you that same striking impression, regardless of which seat you're in. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

Win on Size

If there's one automaker in the world that is the foremost authority in practical compact vehicles, it's Suzuki. They've proven that you don't have to build big cars to be great, and that's what they've been mastering since they started exploring the potential of the compact automobile in 1937.

The S-Presso stays true to that and is especially beneficial in the urban setting. Deal with a lot of traffic? You can zing right through because the S-Presso is only 1520 millimeters wide. Got a small parking space? You can squeeze in the S-Presso into tight slots because it's only 3565 millimeters long. It's the perfect size to help you win the daily commute and the daily struggle for parking. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

But what about the XL7? Well, this compact seven-seater is a bit longer at 4450 millimeters, but it's 1775 millimeter width makes it a very maneuverable vehicle even in urban traffic. The 5.2-meter turning radius also makes it easy to drive around even in tight city streets with 90-degree turns. 

Yes, Suzuki is the undeniable specialist when it comes to small cars, bar none. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

Win with Cool Comfort

Tourists may flock to these 7,107 islands for the summer to enjoy the beach, but on a daily grind, what you really need is cool comfort. Lots of it.

For the S-Presso, that coolness is provided by a powerful air conditioning system that has been optimized for tropical climates. The blower has 4 settings to help cool down the cabin, and the breathable fabric seats also help keep things cool on your daily drive. 

The S-Presso has been engineered with comfort in mind; not an easy task for a small vehicle, but Suzuki is the specialist in small cars. They focused on making the S-Presso comfortable while on not-so-desirable roads which are common in developing countries (i.e. Philippines), and that's why the S-Presso will impress. This enhanced comfort can be felt at first drive.

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

With the XL7, Suzuki takes it further. There's a bigger space that needs to be cooled down on hot days, and that's why the XL7 has a dual airconditioning system with a powerful automatic climate control system in front and another unit on the ceiling for the rear passengers. The XL7 also has another unique trick up its sleeve: the front cupholders have vents built-in. That means you can redirect cool air to keep drinks nice and fresh, or maybe help you be able to enjoy that hot macchiato a little sooner. 

The XL7 also has many of the characteristics of improved NVH (noise-vibration-harshness lessening) because the vehicle it was based upon, the Ertiga, is renowned for its comfortable ride over local roads. Suzuki also improved on the aerodynamics part, having been extensively testing in a wind tunnel for class-leading aero.

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

Win with Versatility

Luggage space and passenger capacity is a difficult balancing act. Sometimes you need more space for stuff from that 3-day sale, sometimes you need more seating for the family, and sometimes you need a bit of both. 

With the S-Presso, you'll have space for 5 people in the vehicle, but still, retain 239 liters of space in the boot for bags. There are even cubby holes and pockets all around the cabin that you can use, making it perfect for a quick out of town trip for you and your friends. But if you need even more space for a new washing machine for your condo, you can fold the rear seats down and save on the delivery fee... just make sure your building's elevator is working.

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso imageSuzuki XL7 and Spresso image

The XL7, on the other hand, is the perfect vehicle for the modern family. There's space for seven persons inside with two in front, three in the middle, and 2 more in the back. In that maximum passenger configuration, the XL7 still has space in the boot for bags and other stuff. Not to mention a lot of cup holders, pockets, and other storage possibilities all around the cabin, including a smaller compartment under the luggage board. 

But the magic of the XL7 is the ability to reconfigure the interior seating depending on your needs. Like surfing? You can fold down sections of the third and second row to accommodate longer items like surfboards. Like biking? You can fold down both the second and third-row and transport your bike safely. 

Win with Efficiency

One of the most important things on any motorist's mind is fuel economy. And on that note, both the S-Presso and the XL7 are absolute winners. And here's the thing: while many vehicles try to win by technology, Suzuki worked on the fundamentals of weight and performance.

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

For instance, the S-Presso only weighs between 750 to 770 kilograms; that's much lighter than hatchback models of a similar price, but with a ground clearance lower than the Suzuki's 180mm. And throw in an ultra-efficient K10B 1.0-liter gasoline engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard, what you get is a micro crossover that has all the makings of an efficient and capable daily commuter.

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

As for the 7-seater XL7, its 1,160 to 1,180-kilogram curb weight is significantly less than many of its direct competitors. Coupled with the 103 HP and 138 Nm of torque from the K15B engine as well as the efficient 4-speed automatic, this will prove to be a great and economical vehicle for urban and highway drives. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

Win on Safety

What Suzuki would never compromise on with the S-Presso and the XL7 is safety.

The S-Presso may be the most affordable model on the Suzuki line up, but it comes with all essential safety equipment. Dual airbags are standard, as are crash-preventing anti-lock brakes. There are ISOFIX anchors in the back to secure your child seat, and there is even a rear sensor system to help prevent any scuffs and dings while parking.

The XL7, on the other hand, has all the leading safety features available in Suzuki's list apart from the usual dual airbags. Anti-lock brakes and electronic brake-force distribution are standard, giving the driver more control while braking on slippery roads. The XL7 also has an electronic stability program for better traction at higher speeds while cornering. Rear sensors and a rear camera are standard, as well as hill-hold control to prevent the vehicle from moving backward unintentionally while stopped on an incline. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

Perhaps the most important aspect of safety begins with the frame. Both the XL7 and S-Presso use a new platform called HEARTECT that is optimized for enhanced safety and is engineered to disperse collision energy for even greater peace of mind. The XL7 actually goes a bit more by having enhanced pedestrian protection with the engineering of the front using impact-absorbing parts to reduce injuries. 

Suzuki XL7 and Spresso image

With with Fun

But the greatest benefit to driving the S-Presso, XL7, or any other vehicle that proudly wears the S on its chest is the enjoyment you'll experience while behind the wheel.

Suzuki is renowned for providing drivers worldwide with an enjoyable experience on the road, and that's because they focus on producing cars that are fun to drive. The new range of platforms is lightweight and rigid for better acceleration and quicker cornering. The engines and transmissions are optimized to provide a fun and sprightly experience. These characteristics go into any Suzuki, including the S-Presso and the XL7.

If you’d still like more entertainment other than what’s behind the wheel, you can fiddle around with the connectivity package of both vehicles. With the S-Presso, you can connect your device either via USB or via Bluetooth so you can enjoy your tunes on the go. The XL7 takes it even further though: you’ve got full compatibility if you have an iPhone or an Android thanks to the presence of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That means you can play your Spotify playlist and use Waze on the go.

Hey, don't just take our word for it. As soon as you can, drop by a Suzuki Philippines dealership to test drive the S-Presso or XL7 for yourself and see what makes these Suzukis the perfect tools to win your daily drive.