The main function of glass is to provide protection from outside elements. This simple invention is often taken for granted but without this, what would our transport vehicle be like?

Universal Glass Company

In the Philippines, Aguila Auto Glass is the enduring brand. Established by Atty. Lauro C. Aguila in 1952, the company has been providing motorists a wide range of automotive glass along with other related products.

Like any good commodity, there are bound to be knock-offs or fakes that make a familiar play on Aguila Auto Glass. These offenders may even sell a sub-standard product that are not up to safety standards and could do more damage than harm.

As a way to differentiate the original from the fakes, all certified Aguila Glass products now carry the Philippine Standard (PS) license and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) marks. This assures consumers that all automotive glasses sold by the company are compliant to mandatory quality and safety standards.

Moreover, Aguila Auto Glass clarifies that, depending on the type of automotive glass, each kind of glass can only be installed on a specific area of the car where it is deemed safe.

1. Laminated Glass – can only be used as a front windshield and any other portion of the vehicle

2. Zone Tempered Glass – only good as a front windshield

3. Fully Tempered Glass – can be used as back window or side windows


Aguila Auto Glass reminds that fully tempered glass cannot be used for the front windshield, it is illegal and unsafe.

Besides selling new or replacement automotive glass for almost any kind of car, Aguila Auto Glass also has other products available. These include: heavy equipment windshields for buses, safety laminated glass and safety tempered glass, rubbers, molding weather strips, polyurethane sealants, acrylic sheets and even window tint and wipers.

Authentic Aguila Auto Glass always carries the 'Red Eagle Head' logo, along with the registered symbol that ultimately deems their products as the real McCoy.


As a way of giving back to the community, the company is actively involved in several corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

Bahay Maria

Aguila Auto Glass shares Bahay Maria's mission to care, provide and secure a bright future for our homeless children, Team Aguila Auto Glass® has supported Bahay Maria since November 2005.

Gawad Kalinga

Aguila Auto Glass has been providing Gawad Kalinga with hundreds of windows for the communities since 2008.

Manila Zoo

Aguila Auto Glass provided window glass panel for Manila Zoo Administration Office.

Philippine Eagle

Since 2012, Aguila Auto Glass has partnered with Philippine Eagle Foundation. In the project "AGUILA PARA SA AGILA", Aguila Auto Glass, led the Breeding Program of the Philippine Eagle Foundation by donating the glass used for the laboratory windows.


Aguila Auto Glass supports the youth and their innovative spirit by sponsoring "Team Aguila" in its participation in the Shell Eco Marathon Asia since 2013.

All Stars Aguilas

In 2013, Aguila Auto Glass supports also the All Stars Aguilas Team for American Tackle Football Association of the Philippines (ATFAP).


Recently, Aguila Auto Glass donated for room renovations of the Philippine General Hospital.

With over 23 branches across Luzon, Aguila Auto Glass remains committed to deliver their best and expertise in providing glass. For more information about their products, visit, or contact them via their hotline numbers: 634-52-77 / 09178845277 / 09189248452.