Ask yourself this: what is it that you need and want in an everyday vehicle?

Many would want something comfortable and maneuverable, especially in the city. Some would want something easy to drive and capable when the need arises, especially in unpredictable traffic and weather. Others prefer something stylish and fun for weekend adventures. Value is important, as are practicality and efficiency.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

Truth be told, there are many possible ways to answer a question like that, but finding a vehicle that ticks all the right boxes and still be affordable is difficult. Or is it?

For many thousands of owners, that's exactly what the Ford EcoSport Trend is: the crossover that ticks all the boxes, and then some.

Let's go over the many ways the formula behind this small SUV may be the one you're looking for.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

I. You need something capable

First things first: you need a vehicle that can get you home, especially when the weather isn't cooperating and the drainage isn't exactly the best.

Thankfully, the team of engineers and designers that worked on the EcoSport Trend factored that all in: they built a vehicle made for our kind of roads and conditions.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

The ground clearance in this little SUV is comparable to much larger crossovers, and definitely outclasses many similarly priced competitors. That means you don't have to worry about steep ramps, hazards on the road, and excessively tall speed bumps wherever you go. Just be sure to drive safely.

More importantly, the EcoSport Trend's ground clearance makes getting home easier, even on rainy days. Think about that: you've got a better chance of making it through and making it home every night with the capabilities of the EcoSport Trend.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

II. You want something stylish

Substance is great, but sometimes you want something with style. Thankfully that's what the EcoSport Trend is: a stylish little crossover.

The EcoSport Trend has character, as the exterior has been styled look and feel sporty. It's a vehicle ready for action whether you're just cruising in town, or heading out on the highway. And you'll like the details such as the larger grille, the widened wheel arches, the sharper headlamps, and that classic tailgate-mounted spare tire; yes, much like the classic SUVs you've come to love.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

It's one thing to be stylish on the outside, but definitely, you want something that looks good on the inside. Ford has been updating the interior design of the EcoSport Trend to fit your trendsetting lifestyle. The steering, dashboard, and a lot of the functions have been updated to give owners a modern vehicle that is as functional and enjoyable as ever, but more on that later.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

III. You need something that can carry your gear

You like to shop or need to do groceries? You go to the gym or shoot some hoops? You like to dive or surf?

Chances are you do, and that means you need a vehicle that can handle any packages you may need to bring home or gear you need to bring out. And on that count, the Ford EcoSport Trend is ready.

There are more than 20 compartments and pockets all over the interior of the EcoSport Trend, so if you've got loose items like your wallet, house keys, phone, tablet, and more, there is a proper place for it. If you need a place for drinks, there are cupholders and bottle holders all around the cabin, including a cooler compartment; something very useful for long drives.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

If you need cargo space, the EcoSport Trend is ready for action. With the rear seats up, you've still got plenty of space for quite a few bags and backpacks for a weekend away. If you need maximum cargo space to fit something like a brand new home appliance like a compact washing machine, the EcoSport Trend has you covered if you fold those rear seats flat. In that configuration, you've got 1,178 liters of total cargo volume in the back.

But if you're the type that likes to bike or surf, then the roof rails that are also standard on the EcoSport Trend will be your friends. Fit it with an optional set of crossbars and a rack to fit your needs and you've got something that can carry bigger items like your bikes or boards.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

IV. You want a fun and efficient drive

Driving should be a fun experience, and that's what the EcoSport Trend has been designed and engineered to give the driver.

The EcoSport Trend is powered by a 1.5-liter Ti-VCT four-cylinder gasoline engine. With 123 horsepower and 150 Newton-meters of torque, it's plenty powerful and efficient for this lightweight Ford.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

If you're the type that likes to do the shifting yourself, then you've got the 5-speed manual already available in the very affordable EcoSport Trend. But if you want to let your vehicle do the shifting for you so you can enjoy the drive, then you can pick the smooth 6-speed automatic transmission for just a little bit more.

Whichever way you like to drive, there's a version of the EcoSport Trend that can suit you.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

V. You need something value-packed

There's only one word that captures the value proposition of the EcoSport Trend: outstanding.

You need to stay connected? With the EcoSport Trend, you've got a touchscreen infotainment system that has Bluetooth and USB ports so you'll always be ready to make or take calls on the go. Even steering wheel audio controls are standard on the  EcoSport Trend.

Safety, however, is the ultimate priority, and Ford made sure that EcoSport Trend customers are well taken care of. A rearview camera and rear parking sensors are standard features on the Trend. Features like those take out the guesswork when backing up into your parking slot.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

All automatic transmission variants also get hill descent control; a very rare safety feature in this class. Anti-lock brakes and electronic brakeforce distribution are standard across the board, but that's not all because the EcoSport Trend has stability control, traction control, and even hill start assist. All these systems are intended to give the driver maximum control even in tricky situations to prevent a collision.

And if a collision is unavoidable, the EcoSport Trend has 4 airbags: driver, front passenger, and front side SRS airbags. That's outstanding value since many competitor models generally only have dual front.

Yes, the EcoSport Trend has value that is definitely at the head of the pack.

All you want, all you need: Ford EcoSport image

There are many more reasons why the EcoSport continues to be a very popular crossover SUV, and it's easy to see why especially with the Trend. A lot of the things that make the EcoSport a winner are exactly what customers want, and have been improved throughout to give its proud owners a very rewarding drive, wherever they take Ford's little can-do SUV.

If you're in the market for a crossover, you're in luck: Ford has a very special offer for the EcoSport Trend, which starts at Php750,000. Your nearest Ford dealership will also add a Php45,000 cash saving or free service package which includes 5-year SSP (Scheduled Service Plan), 5-year Warranty, and 5-year Roadside assistance. This is valued at around P100K, on top of the current promotions.

Customers can also get a new Ford EcoSport as low as P7,999 monthly plus free first four months amortization. 

If you want to know more, log on to or schedule a visit with your nearest Ford dealership.

*Vehicle pictured is a Ford EcoSport Titanium variant, actual Trend version may vary.