Being in a tropical country, we often experience rains and storms. These conditions make driving more difficult during the day but even worse at night. We believe that safer motoring starts with better visibility especially under these difficult conditions. It is best to make sure your car is always maintained in proper condition and take extra precautions during rainy season.

Basic upgrades as simple as lightbulbs and wipers make a significant difference. Japanese aftermarket specialist PIAA has been in the business of providing professional automotive lighting and wipers for over 50 years. Through constant development in the harsh conditions of rally and GT racing, the company has developed high-performance products readily available for the regular motorist.


Night Tech

Modern-technology Lightbulbs

While HIDs (high-intensity-discharge) or Xenon lamps have become a popular choice or lighting upgrades, proper retrofits and HID conversion kits are still costly. A simple halogen headlight bulb upgrade can give better all-weather performance for your vehicle giving better nighttime visibility. Modern chemistry and material innovations have allowed more sophisticated halogen lighting. 

On-road comparison


Night Tech vs standard

PIAA’s Night-tech bulbs use a new blend of gases coupled with new proprietary filament material to provide 90% more light, whiter illumination and increased range by up to 35 meters compared to conventional bulbs. This all-weather bulb upgrade gives a 3600-kelvin light output.

Plasma Ion Yellow 

For a more extreme weather upgrade, the Plasma Ion Yellow gives a 2500-kelvin output and improves visibility at the same time. This is ideal for motorists who frequent mountainous or hilly roads that often experience fog.

For those that desire to have a more stylish yet functional lighting, PIAA also has halogen bulbs which feature a whiter light output like the Arrow Star White and Southern Star White.

Arrow Star White 

The Arrow Star White features a 4250-kelvin output which gives a bright white output with a slightly blue hue.

Southern Star White 

The Southern Star White gives out a 5100-kelvin output characterized by a cool fluorescent-like white output with a hint of blue. It features less brightness compared to the Arrow Star and Hemerize models due to the cooler white output.


PIAA silicone wiper vs standard wiper

Performance Wipers

PIAA uses silicone rubber wiper blades for longer durability while ensuring better visibility by coating the windshield with silicone to promote water beading. The silicone compound also ensures a more quiet operation. Popular windshield coatings might produce the same water repellant effects but have hazy side effects as you wipe through with regular rubber wipers.

PIAA silicone wiper vs standard wiper on windshield

A silicone wiper blade treated windshield will bead the rain drops to promote easier wiping at low speeds, while air pressure easily pushes the water off at higher speeds.

Windshield comparison 

We do a side-by-side comparison between a regular wiper and a PIAA silicone wiper with a stationary vehicle to show the difference.


These simple upgrades not only give you better visibility on the road, but also enhance the appearance of your car. They're high quality products that are reasonably priced to give you that extra peace of mind when driving during the day or night.

For more information about PIAA products in the Philippines, visit or call +63932-3460888.