Having had a strong following among Japanese aftermarket enthusiasts for decades, Bride seats are perhaps considered the go-to seat for any respectable japanese-styled build. Featured in anything from full-on race cars to high performance street cars and exotics, Bride’s vast lineup of bucket seats have long since ensured the driver’s safety and snug fitment in their vehicle’s cabin.

While these aesthetically pleasing bucket seats surely are worth spending on for one’s safety, they usually come with a rather predictable tradeoff: Ride comfort. Racing bucket seats in general come with thinner padding than factory seats to ensure that the driver will stay in place under racing conditions. Hence, these seats have lesser cushioning and become more cumbersome for regular road use. Given how Bride’s seats are now trickling into various street cars though, it appears they’ve come up with a solution for the avid car enthusiast – Enter ‘Edirb

Bride's 'Edirb' line is your new comfy racing seat

Edirb, or ‘Bride’ written backwards, is Bride’s new lineup of bucket seats geared towards comfort and long-distance driving. Beyond the inverted letters on the headrest, Edirb seats feature advanced protein leather across all its models. This uniquely processed leather provides more comfort by reducing the material’s stiffness. All this is done while maintaining the very sturdy seat shells and holding characteristics that Bride has become known for, thereby making the best compromise between overall performance and comfort for the user.

Here in Manila, Seats such as the Edirb 023 and the Edirb 032 will be readily available via Bride’s exclusive distributor Riken Motor Sales. Both seats are reclineable models that allow for ease of ingress and egress while maintaining proper holding as the car is put through its paces.

Bride's 'Edirb' line is your new comfy racing seat

It’s no secret that seats such as Bride – and even the new Edirb lineup – are priced at a premium sum. A lot of counterfeit items have long since proliferated the market imitating the look of the original seats and being sold at half the price. While these items may be able to copy the look of these seats, they will never be able to replicate the quality involved in creating original Bride seats. Plenty of research and development go into these high performance seats in order to guarantee the one thing no amount of money saved can ever buy: Your Safety. The costs of that R&D will of course trickle down into the products as well, hence the higher price.

If you will consider upgrading your car’s seating, give a lot of thought into purchasing the right seat. Make sure your bottom gets the best seats in town.

For inquiries and indent orders of other Edirb models, get in touch with Riken Motor Sales at (02) 244-0011, (02) 244-7712, and (02) 244-7715 to 16 or visit them at 1022 G. Masangkay St., Binondo, Manila.