Not all cabin filters are created equal

When we have our vehicle serviced, most of the time only the engine oil, oil filter, and air filter are replaced. These are what most service centers and our owner’s manual recommend, after all. With proper maintenance, our cars will run properly.

While the usual PMS helps keep our engines healthy, there is one other filter in our vehicles that needs to be replaced regularly – the cabin filter.

Cold aircon, clean air: Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter image

The cabin filter is one of the most commonly overlooked parts that constantly need replacing. Think, when was the last time you replaced the one in your vehicle? If left unchanged over a long period of time, it could be clogged up with dirt and nasty debris; you wouldn’t want to breathe that, don’t you?

Aside from helping keep the vehicle’s air-conditioning cold and smelling fresh, it also protects us, the occupants, from harmful particles going into the cabin. With the threat of COVID still lingering, a filter that could protect occupants from harmful viruses and bacteria is a very big plus. Unfortunately, not all cabin filters can offer that kind of protection – even OEM replacement filters.

That’s where Sakura Filters come in.

Cold aircon, clean air: Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter image

The company’s newest product is the Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter. It’s not just a standard cabin filter that cleans the air going inside the vehicle. Unlike most cabin filters, this one has three layers of filtration. The first is the protective layer, which filters out microscopic particles and pollen, followed by a carbon layer that cleans up unpleasant odors and exhaust gases. The secret, however, is the Bio-Guard layer, which protects against viruses, germs, bacteria, and all that nasty stuff from entering the vehicle. Yes, that includes the COVID-19 virus and the highly contagious Omicron and Delta variants. 

Cold aircon, clean air: Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter image

To give you a better idea of how it works, the Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter holds and filters out dust particles up to 2.5 microns. It also cleans the already circulating air and reduces the presence of allergens. At the same time, the filter prevents harmful molds from accumulating in the air-conditioning system, a common issue for older vehicles.

Cold aircon, clean air: Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter image

With everything the Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter can offer, you might expect it to cost a lot more than usual. Fortunately, that’s not the case. The company made sure that everyone can order the protective cabin filter without having to break the bank. Pricing for the filter still depends on the make and model, but it retails between an ordinary cabin branded filter and the high-end PM2.5 filtration filters.

Want to have a better idea of the price? You can check out their official Shopee and Lazada pages and order from there directly. To suit the Philippine market, it’s available for a variety of makes and models – ranging from Toyotas to Hondas, Mitsubishis, and Nissans.

Cold aircon, clean air: Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter image

For an even better deal, Sakura Filters is offering a bundle that allows you to save up to 15% over individual purchases. There’s a set package that consists of an oil filter, air filter, and a cabin filter – perfect for your vehicle’s upcoming service. Their best-selling bundle is the Air and Cabin Filter combo; this package consists of an air filter and cabin filter, allowing you to replace the parts at home by yourself. Perfect if your vehicle recently underwent PMS, but the cabin and air filters weren’t replaced.

So the next time you have your vehicle maintained, take the time to check your cabin filter too. It might be in desperate need of replacement. If that’s the case, why not upgrade to one that offers more protection like the Sakura BioGuard Anti-Viral cabin filter. In times like these, you can’t go wrong with extra protection.

Interested in Sakura Filters? You can click the links here to head to their respective Shopee and Lazada pages.