Imagine the scenario. It's late at night and you're the last one to leave the office. You get to your car and, when you turn the key, silence. The car wouldn't start and it would just make cranking noises but to no avail. You are stuck with a dead battery.

Don't want to get stranded with a dead batt? Read this 

So, what are your options? It's either you call for help and ask a friend to give you a jump, or you cough up some cash and get a battery delivered to you. It's stressful, time consuming, and even expensive, not to mention potentially dangerous. Now if only there were a way to foresee this inconvenience from happening, or even knowing how much charge your car's battery has left.

Don't want to get stranded with a dead batt? Read this

With the CTEK Battery Sense, you no longer have to dread that day.

What CTEK Battery Sense does is take out the guess work as to when to replace your battery. It also shows that car maintenance doesn't have to be as tedious as it sounds so you can spend more time on the road rather than calling for help. And all you need is an application to get things started. 

CTEK Battery sense

So, how does it work?

Don't want to get stranded with a dead batt? Read this

CTEK Battery Sense is a device that monitors your battery's charge and all you have to do is attach it to the vehicle's battery terminals. Simply attach the device's terminals on to the battery and let it do the rest, just make sure you put it in a secure place. After that, download the application, register the device, enter the vehicle's information, and you're good to go.

Don't want to get stranded with a dead batt? Read this

With the application's clear graphics, checking your vehicle's battery life will be like checking your phone's battery. No fuss, no hassle. With CTEK Battery Sense, you also get to monitor battery health as you'll see the percentage go down in real time. If it depletes too quickly, then perhaps its time for a new battery. 

It's easy to follow too as not only does it show percentage, it also recommends when you should start charging (or replace) the battery. The color coded guide shows green for a healthy battery, orange for 'may need a charge', and red for, 'definitely needs a charge'.

CTEK Battery chargers

Now, do note that Battery Sense does not charge or repair the vehicle's battery. For that, you'll need one of CTEK's wide variety of battery chargers to extend its life. The good thing about Battery Sense is it works in conjunction with the brand's chargers, meaning you also get to keep tabs on its status and see whether or not it is charging or not. Just one look at the application will let you know if it's a good time to bring out that car or give it a quick charge before you set off.

Don't want to get stranded with a dead batt? Read this

If you want to monitor more cars, you can do that as well. Simply attach another Battery Sense device, and register it on the application. In fact, you can monitor up to ten cars on the application for as long as you have Battery Sense attached to each of those cars. You can even use it on motorcycles and trucks as well.

Remember, car batteries, just like any battery, comes with a limited lifespan. With CTEK's Battery Sense, you'll be spared the inconvenience of flat one that can leave you in a compromising situation. You'll know when to replace or recharge your battery so you won't be left stranded, and it's one thing that will help ease your mind in the unpredictable world of vehicle maintenance. Along with CTEK's line of chargers, you'll get to make the most out of every trip with a one-click start.

CTEK's Battery Sense device is available at Blade Asia stores and retails for Php 3,000.

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