It comes as a no-brainer when we say you’ll need your eyes to drive your car. It has clear windows and windscreens you can see out of and it has wipers and lights to help clear any condition. Your vision will be the main player in keeping you and your car on the road, which means keeping it perfect as you drive is vital to your safety.

Seeing everything when you drive on clear days is fairly easy, but what happens when you have to drive through bad weather conditions? Considering that we’re well into the rainy season, this may happen more often than you’d expect. Torrential rains or even fog can severely reduce your line of sight; meaning you’ll have to rely on your car’s equipment all the more. Ensuring your vehicle is up to the task is key to maintaining perfect vision – and this is where PIAA has you covered.

Eyes Peeled: Your essential gear for rainy day visibility

These days it’s clearly evident just how far automotive lighting and wipers have come to improve our visibility. Thanks to decades of R&D, PIAA has a set of wipers and lights in their lineup for all cars and driving conditions.

Not all Wipers are made equal 

While PIAA is known for lighting, they’ve actually been developing wipers through the years as well. Their current lineup of wipers uses a material that has been proven to be more effective than standard rubber: Silicone. PIAA wipers have a silicone solution built into the wiper blades; Meaning whenever the wiper is used, a fresh layer of silicone is deposited onto the windshield. The silicone then helps water fall off the glass easier – giving you better vision as you drive.

Eyes Peeled: Your essential gear for rainy day visibility

Every PIAA wiper kit comes with a variety of clips for ease of fitting onto any vehicle. Along with that, it comes with a cleaning solution that is used to prep your glass for its first coating of silicone. Visibility in adverse weather is serious business for PIAA, hence they make sure you get everything out of your new wipers.

Apart from providing superior visibility in the rain, PIAA also ensures that your wipers work perfectly without the usual drawbacks. The wipers do not squeak and guarantee silent operation for its whole lifespan. Your wiper motors won’t have to work as hard either because the silicone layer makes water fall off on its own. Lastly, the built-in Silicone solution also allows PIAA’s wipers to last at least twice as long compared conventional wipers – meaning you don’t have to replace them as often.


Eyes Peeled: Your essential gear for rainy day visibility

See and be seen with proper lighting 

Taking from decades of experience in various disciplines of motorsports, PIAA yields only the best lighting technology for your everyday needs. Whereas your standard halogen lights have a faint yellow spread, PIAA has a variety of halogen and LED bulbs that can give you better lighting for every kind of condition. 

When you’re stuck out in heavy rain, chances are your fellow motorists will end up using their hazard lights to signal their presence. Not only is this distracting for you, but it’s actually dangerous for other motorists as well. You will want to be visible during a heavy downpour but turning on your hazard lights will only add to a confusing sea of flashing orange lights. 

Eyes Peeled: Your essential gear for rainy day visibility

Instead, you can stay visible by simply switching your headlamps on to main beam. For this, PIAA’s Plasma Ion Yellow bulbs will ensure you are visible to others on the road while improving vision through the rain. Should you want a clean white beam, PIAA’s High Output 6000k LED bulbs produce a warm white light along with all the conveniences of a plug and play bulb. These bulbs also prevent glaring oncoming cars by having sharp cut lines that not only minimize glare towards oncoming vehicles, but also point the light towards the ground.

Need to take your lighting one step higher? PIAA has a wide variety of LED Fog Lamps with various types of beams. Fog Lamps offer a spread similar to your standard low beams while being wider and brighter to allow you to see obstacles in pitch black darkness. PIAA’s flagship LP570 Driving Lamps for example have a longer forward range than conventional high beams so you can see further ahead as you drive.

Eyes Peeled: Your essential gear for rainy day visibility

Our eyesight allows us to perform all the functions of daily life with precision and care. And when it comes to being safe out on our roads, you’re going to need all the help you can get when keeping your vision clear.

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