After years, perhaps even more than a decade, you've finally received that big executive promotion you've been working for. It wasn't easy, as it would have taken late nights, long hours, and tiring commutes.

But as a reward, your company has tossed in something very special: the much awaited car plan.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

Each one varies, but generally, car plans are a means for you, their valued corporate employee, to be able to select a vehicle for your use that the company will pay for either in full or in part. It's the perk many in the corporate world work very hard for.

So what do you choose? You'll want something respectable, but not out of reach. You'll want something reliable, not to mention efficient and affordable to maintain. You'll want something you'll enjoy to drive, and has space for your spouse and kids. The list goes on, and meeting all or most of them is going to be very challenging.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

For Volkswagen though, the answer is easy: the Lavida.

Why is the Lavida right for your car plan? Let's count it down and see how this Volkswagen fits the bill very nicely.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

1. The price is right

The most important limiting factor with any car plan is pricing, and that's where the Lavida has that covered.

Most early car plans would have you driving around in a subcompact sedan. Yes, it's still a major upgrade from commuting or a second hand tooler for the town, but why not aim a bit higher and go for something more premium, and bigger?

Five reasons why Volkswagen

Starting at PhP 1,171,000, the Lavida is a very affordable compact car that can be easily within reach of many early corporate car plans. Volkswagen was able to achieve this edge in pricing by leveraging the advantage of exceptional German engineering with the advantage of more competitive free trade benefits. That means you get the best product with a lot of value built in.

While the Lavida may technically be a compact sedan, this Volkswagen actually has a presence that's bigger and more impressive than what the actual dimensions would have you think. Why settle for a subcompact sedan when you can upgrade your drive to something a bit bigger and better, for just a little bit more on the SRP?

Five reasons why Volkswagen

2. Upscale style, inside and out

The one thing that would strike anyone about this Volkswagen is the style.

Modern Volkswagens have always been known for business-class styling, and that's a good thing. The Lavida follows that style very faithfully, with a design that's very corporate with lines and creases that are neat like the pleats on your trousers, with details and a silhouette that evoke a sense of maturity. Simply put, the Lavida commands respect like you would with a custom tailored suit.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

There's a different sense of pride with the style of the Lavida, and it wouldn't look out of place in the more affluent parts of town. And it'll even look right at home in your office parking slot.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

A business class look deserves a very upscale cabin, and that's where the Lavida will shine if you choose it to be a part of your daily driven life. Any automobile from a German brand is always built to a higher standard, and that's why Volkswagen used high grade materials, smooth leather for the upholstery, and an attention to quality that is unmistakably Teutonic. Volkswagen wants their customers to know that the Lavida stands for everything that the brand has been known for.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

If you're looking for creature comforts, expect plenty in this Volkswagen. Power windows, mirrors, and electric power steering are standard, as is a climate control system that even purifies the air as you drive. You've got an audio system with an SD card slot, a USB port, or even Bluetooth for making and taking calls without wires. There's a sunroof above you so you can enjoy a beautiful day as you drive, and if it gets too warm outside, you can keep your drinks cool in the glove box; yes, it has a built in cooling function.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

You know you'd look and feel good in the Lavida whether you're behind the wheel or enjoying the generous legroom and that fold down center armrest that the Germans have cleverly engineered for you.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

3. Safety you can rely on

For Volkswagen, the safety of their cars is of the utmost importance. That's why the Lavida comes with a long list of innovative safety features that not only help mitigate injuries in an accident, but can actually prevent it by giving you, the driver, more control.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

Braking performance is everything, and that's why the Lavida comes only with the benefits of disc brakes to keep the speed under control. Moreover, it comes standard with a key crash-preventing feature that gives you steering control when braking in emergency situations: an anti-lock system. There's also an electronic stability program (ESP) that helps prevent dangerous slides in tricky situations, ensuring that you can always count on the Lavida to get you through anything.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

Dual front airbags are standard on the Lavida, as is a very reliable passenger safety cabin. It also comes with a tire pressure monitor system that gives you a heads up if your new company car's tires are running low on air. If you have young toddlers, you'll appreciate the fact that the Lavida has very secure ISOFIX child seat anchors in the back, so no more messing around with the seatbelt system of older child seats.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

4. An exciting but comfortable drive

If you're looking to fill your car plan with an exciting drive, then this Volkswagen is the right one for you. Many cars of the same class still use naturally aspirated engines, but the Lavida uses something that's a bit more complex, and much more exciting.

Powering your Lavida's drive is a 1.4-liter gasoline engine. It sounds small, but it packs a punch thanks to its advanced direct injection fuel system, and comes with the fun factor of turbocharging. So while the Lavida's motor may be small, it punches above its weight class with 130 turbocharged horses, as well as 225 Newton-meters of torque.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

Handling that performance from the direct injection turbo engine is Volkswagen's own special transmission that drives the front wheels: it's called the Direct Shift Gearbox, or DSG. This gearbox is an advanced dual clutch unit; that means superfast shifts when you want it, and smoothness on the road if you demand it.

For long highway drives into the country, you can use cruise control for maximum convenience. When the road gets a little twisty and a little more fun, you can roll up your sleeves and select your gears manually with the DSG that has seven speeds. That means a lot of fun on a winding road.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

Efficient to drive and own

Perhaps the best reason why the Lavida should be the top choice in your new car plan -beyond the great drive, the upscale looks, the safety, and the pricing- is the fact that it is very efficient. And we're not just talking about fuel economy, but also in servicing.

Of course when it comes to efficiency at the fuel pump, small turbocharged engines are the wave of the future, and on that note Volkswagen's Lavida is already ahead of the trend. You can expect great fuel mileage with the Lavida's 1.4-liter TSI engine with BlueMotion technology as well as the combination with its 7-speed DSG dual clutch gearbox, so much so that you'll be hard pressed to finish the 55-liter fuel tank in one go.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

But beyond saving you money and time spent refueling, the Lavida will save you from the headaches of having to go to have it serviced. Volkswagen believes in their product that they only need to see the Lavida in service once a year or every 10,000kms.

The last thing any busy executive needs is to make multiple trips to have their company car serviced, and with the Lavida, that's going to be your edge as your car will only need to visit a dealer once a year. That means your experience with this Volkswagen will be hassle free, and you'll have more time to spend with what matters most to you: your family.

Five reasons why Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Lavida starts at PhP 1,171,000. For more information on the new Lavida you can visit or just drop by your nearest Volkswagen dealership. There are 9 nationwide:

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