Make no mistake about it: Competition breeds excellence.

Great competition can stoke the fires of a desire to be better than the rest, and there are few examples in the automotive world that exemplify this like Ford and their new generation Everest

So named after the world's tallest peak and most challenging climb, the Everest shows its true competitive nature in the sport utility vehicle class, rising above the best of the competition in every aspect, both measurable or immeasurable.

Strength in design

Strength Through Design

Everything starts with a great exterior design, and the Everest is at the head of the class.

Ford's design team had to create a look that had to be both rugged yet sophisticated. The Ford Everest has to make use of the classic SUV shape, yet has to be able to turn heads in the most happening parts of town, as the eyes of passersby are immediately drawn to the massive grille dominating the front.

The side profile is sleek and muscular because of the tough SUV body. and with plenty of ground clearance to elevate the Everest above obstacles. The Everest also comes standard with overriders on the lower bumper, both front and rear. Stepboards are standard all Everest models, while the Titanium variants get the 20-inch diamond-cut wheels that are the largest and most stylish in the class.

If you want arrival factor, the Everest may be the SUV for you.

Premium convenience features 

Premium Comfort and Convenience

The Everest may trace its strong roots with the tough Ranger, but Ford made very sure that the Everest will have the very best in interior design, premium materials, as well as the longest list of convenience features by far in the class.

The blend of black, beige, and other hues generate a pleasant ambience of luxury, yet with a touch of utility all around. Seating for a family of seven is standard, and all are taken care of by premium leather.

Standard across the Everest range are convenience features such as electrically-assisted steering, power windows, power mirrors, and the like. Top-spec versions of the Everest even get 8-way power seat adjustment for the driver and passenger, one-touch power fold for the third row, rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, a dual zone automatic climate control system, a power liftgate, a panoramic moonroof, and even a class-first 240-volt power outlet.

What's unique about the Ford Everest is the SYNC multimedia infotainment system. SYNC is standard across the line, with the higher variants getting the more advanced Gen 2 SYNC system. All Everests come with Bluetooth, voice control, iPod connectivity, among many other standard features.

For the ultimate in technology, however, it is the Active Park Assist system in the top level variants that effortlessly parallel park this large SUV every time. The Everest is also available with the class-first Adaptive Cruise Control that maintains a set distance with the vehicle aheadon the highway.

When it comes to technology and convenience features, the Ford Everest simply rises above the rest.

Engine and transmission options

Performance and Economy to Lead

Powering the new generation Ford Everest are a range of new turbodiesel engines that set the standard amongst its competitors for power, smoothness and fuel economy.

Engine choices for the Everest include the 2.2-liter Duratorq TDCI that makes 160 PS and 385 Newton-meters of torque, as well as a larger and even more powerful 3.2-liter Duratorq TDCI that has 200 PS and 470 Newton-meters of mountain-moving torque.

Available with either 6-speed manual gearboxes or a 6-speed automatic, as well as choices between 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains, the Everest is one of the most versatile models in the category, depending on how or where you want to drive.

The combination of the latest in Ford's advanced diesel engine technology and 6-speed transmissions result in superior acceleration, performance, class-leading smoothness and fuel efficiency, regardless of which Everest you choose.

All-around capability

All-Around Capability for Any Terrain

Whether you're driving on the road or off it, the Everest has you covered in every way and then some.

4x2 and 4x4 variants of the Ford Everest all share many of the same capabilities. Got a rock or some debris ahead? If its 225mm or lower in height, the Everest will clear it. Is there a flash flood or a river in the way? If it's 800mm deep, it's no problem.

The real potential of the Everest lies in the highly advanced Terrain Management System (TMS) that is standard on the Titanium 4x4 variants. The intelligent system allows the driver to confidently take on any kind of road condition or off-road terrain from snow, sand, or even rocks. With the twist of a dial, the system will optimize the characteristics of the all-wheel drive system to make sure the Everest gets through any challenge in its way.

Taking on challenging downhill slopes can be done with a touch of a button with Hill Descent Control, allowing the driver to just control the steering and leave the throttle and brake control to the intelligent system.

Wherever you take the Ford Everest, its wide range of capabilities will get you there.

Safety technology

Safety Through Technology

The extensive list of advanced technologies in the Everest aren't there for show, as these features are meant to make sure you are driving in one of the safest vehicles on the road today.

All variants of the Everest already have anti-lock brakes (ABS), multiple airbags, electronic stability program (ESP), and others as standard. But it is in the high-grade versions of the Everest that Ford leaves the competition behind when it comes to safety equipment.

For the Titanium, standard equipment include 7 airbags, parking sensors front and rear, a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), a rear-view camera, and even an adjustable speed limiter. The optional Premium Package goes even further by adding the class-first Lane Keeping Assist system (to warn the driver if he/she strays off the lane of the highway), a Collision Mitigation System (to prime the brakes and other safety gear), and many others.

With the 2016 Everest and any other Ford for that matter, safety is always the priority.


Many see corporate taglines as just mere marketing speak; fluffy buzz words with little else to back them up. Such isn't the case for Ford.

All-new Ford Everest

With the new generation Everest, however, Go Further is something that makes perfect sense with the new SUV's abilities, design, technology, economy, equipment and so many more, allowing this SUV to literally tower above the competition.