It's amazing how something as simple as tree sap is, quite literally, the thing that keeps you on the road.

The tire industry is literally dependent on rubber trees. About 70% of the world's natural rubber production goes to tires alone. Thanks to its elasticity, durability and resistance to water, the humble tire has become a vital component in cars for over a century.

Continental technology

Through the years, advances in technology have made tires grip more and last even longer. Tire companies have also come up with ways of making the tire more than just a simple piece of contact patch on the road. Continental has three innovations that will keep you on the road longer and more comfortable for more kilometers down the road.

Continental SSR Tire

Keeping you on the move is Continental's run-flat tire, the SSR series. The SSR series allows the user to drive up to 80 kilometers with no air in the tires thanks to its reimforced sidewalls. The Continental SSR tires also allows the use to drive at a maximum of 80 kilometers per hour.


Another tire that can keep you going is the Continental ContiSeal tire. The ContiSeal tire boasts the latest in Continental's tire-sealing technologies, allowing you to drive on even when a nail penetrates the tire. It comes with a sticky, viscous layer that covers the inside of the tire from sidewall to side wall. When the foreign object is pulled out, the layer seals the hole to prevent further air loss.


For a more comfortable drive, Continental offers the ContiSilent tire. The all-weather tire offers reduced cabin noise thanks to its polyurathane foam in the inner suface of the tire. It makes the drive more comfortable with no compromise on mileage, handling and load capacities. At highway speeds, the ContiSilent tire reduces road noise by as much as 9 decibles.


Continental is also looking into the future of tire production with a little help from a flower, the dandelion.

Like rubber trees, dandelions produce latex, a key ingredient in rubber production. Attempts in mass producing rubber from dandelion extract has been in the works for decades with varying degrees of success. In 2013, Continental, with the help of scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, have found a way to cultivate dandelions with higher latex content.


Continental calls this latest innovation Taraxagum and the company has been testing out the dandelion based rubber for almost a year now. The revolutionary way of making tires has caught the attention of environmental award bodies and was honored with the prestigious European “GreenTec Award”, an environmental and business prize, in the “Automobility” category in May 2014, paving the way for future sustainability and for the preservation of the environment. Continental says the Taraxagum tires will be ready for production within five years.

Continental Tires are distributed by Tiara Commercial and Industrial Corp and they offer the ContiComfortContact CC5, the ContiMaxContact MC5, the ContiSportContact 5 and 5P and the ContiCrossContact LX2, along with the ContiSeal, ContiSilent and SSR run flat tire. For more information, visit or call +63 2 813 2548 / +63 2 813 2786.