What is there to get excited about with an oil change?

The technician lifts our cars, drains the lubricant that keeps the engine running smooth, replaces the filter, makes a few checks, and puts it all back together again. It's a simple task we perform anywhere from once to thrice a year, all to keep our precious daily drivers running like new.

But what if you can get more out of an oil change than an actual oil change? What if there were more benefits than actually having a smooth running engine?

That's what Shell is doing with their new program for the Shell Helix line of engine lubricants.

If you take your four-wheeled pride and joy to any of Shell's accredited service centers and avail of the Shell Helix Oil Change Plus service with a purchase of 4 or 6 liter containers of Shell Helix Ultra, Shell Helix HX7, or Shell Helix High Mileage, you automatically qualify for SHARE: the Shell Advantage Rewards program.

The purchase of these Shell Helix oils for your vehicle entitles customers to register their vehicles online for the SHARE program and enjoy some exceptional benefits, the first of which is a free warranty on your engine.

Yes, that's right: Shell is giving customers under the SHARE program a free engine warranty against lubricant failure. If your car is below 12 years of age from the date of manufacture or under 200,000 kilometers, it qualifies for the warranty program that protects 15 major engine components.

Get an oil change, get a free warranty on your engine

Shell Helix Ultra, High Mileage, and HX7 are all designed to protect expensive parts such as your pistons and rings, the crankshaft, connecting rods, valves, engine block, turbocharger, and more. And these components will be covered under the engine warranty against lubricant failure.

Shell Helix Ultra lubricants achieve these benefits by using advanced formulas that can protect these components in extreme heat up to 1000 degrees Celsius, cleans the engine from harmful deposits, and resists oil degradation by up to 32% and evaporation up to 50%. And it's also made with Pureplus Technology that uses natural gas, meaning it contains no impurities from crude oil.

Get an oil change, get a free warranty on your engine

With every oil change at a participating Shell service center with a Shell Helix lubricant that meets or exceeds the grade recommended by the car manufacturer, you are extending the warranty on your engine. And, best of all, members of the SHARE program will be able to register not just one car: you can register up to five of your vehicles under the warranty.

Another great benefit of the SHARE program is the free roadside assistance service for vehicles using Shell Helix Ultra. In this free service, customers will have access to free minor repairs on-site like jumpstarting, battery boosting, tire changes or locksmithing. For incidents that require a tow truck, qualified SHARE members running Shell Helix Ultra in their engine can avail of free towing up to PhP 5,000 or 50 kilometers per incident, or craning services up to PhP 10,000 or 50 kilometers per event.

Of course there are more benefits, such as oil change reminders from Shell, which is essential for those who are too busy to keep track of their periodic maintenance, as well as notifications of special seasonal promotions.

So, if you need more out of your usual oil change, Shell indeed has you covered with Shell Helix Ultra, Shell Helix High Mileage, and Shell Helix HX7 under the SHARE program. 

Want to know more and how you can sign up? Visit https://share.shell.com/consumer/ph