Work - Life Balance: Honda HR-V

Anyone driven to succeed deserves the extraordinary.

From their choice in clothing, meals, the people they interact with and the places they go. Simple isn’t fun. Good enough isn’t enough. Ordinary just won’t do.

The same applies to what they drive. Bland isn’t what they’re after. They desire something more. Something more interesting. Something more useful. Something more stylish. Something that speaks to someone looking for more than just a regular automobile.

That’s where the Honda HR-V comes in. A crossover that’s ready to work and ready to play, with two options to give you the everyday efficiency of a VTEC in the HR-V S as well as the punch of the VTEC Turbo in the HR-V V and HR-V RS.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

Lead with Style

A good first impression counts for a lot, and with any automobile, that really starts with style. The design has to captivate you, making you want to drive it and be seen driving it, and that’s where the HR-V comes in perfectly.

The HR-V is sleek and stylish, just like you. You want ground clearance for a crossover? You got it in the HR-V. You want a 3-door look with 5-door convenience? The HR-V satisfies that desire with the rear door handles neatly integrated into the C-pillar.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

More than that, each variant is crafted to fit your personality. From the type of grille to the trim that defines the look of the car, there’s an HR-V for you. For the ones that prefer something a bit more minimalist then the HR-V 1.5 S will suit you just right. The horizontal bars, the LED lights, the black headlight extensions, the LED tail light bar is going to be your speed.

For those that prefer something a little more amped up, then the HR-V V Turbo might just be the one that fits you right. It’s a bit sportier with a unique front bumper spoiler, a neat mesh grille, and some platinum trim. There’s even an amp-up line on the bumper to signify a bit more excitement to your drive, especially when you look under the bonnet.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

If all out is your thing, then there’s the new HR-V RS; the variant that is most definitely the sportiest of the three. If you enjoy your driving, then you’ll enjoy the sportier RS details like the chrome mesh, the red amp up line. the smoked light bar, and the larger 18” wheels. It’s just a different experience, and Honda is empowering you with choice.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

The sharp automatic LED headlights shine in the dark while the DRLs shine in the day. Depending on the variant -or your personality- there’s a grille to suit you: the black bars on the S are more formal, the black mesh on the V is more aggressive, while the RS sports chrome mesh is more adventurous.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

Space Max

Honda knows more than a thing or two when it comes to interior design and maximizing functionality. They know how to design a cabin that works for those who expect more. That’s why Honda is known for good-looking interiors where there’s proper spaces for everything you carry in your pockets.

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Wallet? There’s a space just forward of the gear selector. Need a spot for your phone? There’s one with USB ports on either side just above it. Need holders for cups and drink bottles? You’ve got plenty in front and the back. It’s all just well thought out, and ready to do it all for you.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

But what you will enjoy is the benefit of space. When you want to carry things, the HR-V is there for you as the rear seat can be configured in so many ways thanks to ULT or the Utility Long and Tall system.

The rear seat cushions can fold down to allow for tall items to be brought along. The passenger seatback can be fully reclined which can be combined with folding down the rear right seat for long mode; this allows you to bring long items like, say, a decent-sized surfboard without having to buy a rack. And when the day comes that you have to move from one condo to a better one, you can reduce the number of trips by folding down everything but the front seats for utility mode.

There are plenty more things to enjoy in the HR-V as far as space is concerned, and you’ll have fun exploring those many things when you try one out.

Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

Fun Efficiency

What Honda does well -among many other things- is something you will really enjoy. Whether you’re driving in the city, on the highway, or up the mountains, the HR-V is ready to play when you are.

You can opt to boost your drive with the HR-V V or HR-V RS: both of these variants have the punch 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine that you can also enjoy in the Honda Civic RS. The difference with the HR-V is that it’s in a lightweight subcompact SUV package, so the extra power becomes even more enjoyable when you want to put your foot down. If you want to be efficient, you can relax on the right foot and drive casually. That’s what VTEC Turbo is known for: the best of both worlds.

But if the extra power may not be your priority, then the full efficiency of the naturally aspirated 1.5L VTEC in the HR-V S might be more to your liking. This engine is a proven one, and ideally suited for a lightweight crossover that you will maximize in urban and suburban environments. Whichever version you pick, you’ll have the advantage of the efficiency of the CVT to find the right ratio for you.

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Fun and efficiency are great, but the cherry on top is safety. Honda knows this best, that’s why on top of the long list of safety features like multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control, you get Honda SENSING.

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Honda SENSING gives you, your S.O., your friends, and your family the benefit of safety that far exceeds expectations in the class. You get adaptive cruise control for long road trips and low-speed follow when traffic builds up. Your vehicle is kept safely in the lane and on the highway thanks to a variety of assist and warning systems. The HR-V will even brake to reduce a collision or prevent the crash altogether. What Honda has done for you is build an extra net of safety to keep you protected. And you can experience these features in all variants of the HR-V.


Honda HR-V: Ready to Work, Ready to Play image

The proof is always in the drive, and if you want to see how the extraordinary advantages of the Honda HR-V can fit your life, your drive, and your style, then just visit the nearest dealership so you can try one for yourself.

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