Be unstoppable in your travels with Caltex

Efficiency is the staple factor that dictates how well any machine performs. As with internal combustion engines, the more efficiently it runs, the better your mileage inevitably becomes. But how can we clean that which we cannot see? How can we combat that which makes our engines run slower and out-of-pace?

This is where the cleaning power of Caltex with Techron helps you get the most out of your vehicle, and your drive.

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Techron’s cleaning properties equates to a healthy engine

Think of your engine as your vehicle’s heart. Through time, carbon deposits build-up, and that makes the heart work harder and in the worst case, break down. If what you take in is nothing but the good stuff, then you’re bound to have a longer, healthier life.

The same goes with your engine. Carbon deposits can block your fuel injectors and valves, and that causes a lot of trouble from failing exhaust emission tests, decreased performance, and it could even translate to higher fuel consumption. What you need to is to do is to gas up with high-quality fuel that helps in cleaning your engine.

It’s never too late to change to a better, cleaner option. Caltex with Techron is all about that: keeping your engine in top shape against carbon deposits. Techron’s Clean and Glide Technology ingredients not only remove dirt, but it also prevents any further build-up of gunk in your engine. With every top-up, you get more of the cleaning power and the result is nothing less than unbeatable performance.

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With a healthy engine, your vehicle becomes more efficient

But how does topping up with Caltex with Techron lead to a more efficient engine? Engines work best when they are clean; a clean engine works as if it were new. The magic of Techron is with its polyetheramines; this ingredient is scientifically proven to clean existing deposits and prevent them from accumulating again.

Carbon build-up leads to inefficient combustion inside engines. So as long as you have these clogging up your engine’s system, you won’t be getting the most out of your fuel, and your travels.

Techron’s Clean and Glide technology makes sure that all the critical parts of your engine move with the least resistance, all while maximizing fuel combustion to give you all the power and performance that you need.

How Caltex with Techron gives you unbeatable mileage image

An efficient engine results to better fuel mileage

Better burn and combustion of fuel results in maximum and optimum fuel usage. This is why the cleaning power of Caltex with Techron gives you the best mileage for all your travels. Techron’s advanced technology and its ability to clean and prevent any future build-up of dirt and grime are what ensure your engine’s running at its peak performance right after your first top-up.

As long as your valves are clear of carbon, and your injectors deliver the right amount of fuel into your engine, you’re sure to get the most out of every combustion cycle, and that is what delivers the power you need, and the mileage you want.

How Caltex with Techron gives you unbeatable mileage image

Better mileage means you can travel further and farther with Caltex with Techron

But what is the mileage that we want? It is, of course, the longest and farthest you can drive without having to stop and top-up again and again. It’s all about longevity, whether you’re talking about staying on the road without having to worry about stopping-over, or without having to worry about your engine’s performance while you’re out enjoying your travels, whether it be with your family or on your own during a spirited drive.

For as long as you keep your engine clean, you are assured that it will be performing at its best. And as long as you keep performance at its best, mileage anxiety will be a thing of the past. The right fuel gives you that confidence to travel further and farther, and with every full tank of Caltex with Techron, you’ll just have to sit back and relax.


Worrying about gunk and carbon buildup can be a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a fuel that not just promises but delivers on its word of a healthier engine, cleaner emissions, longer engine life, and unstoppable travels, then Caltex with Techron has what it takes to surprise you, and take you and your drives further.