“Why should I clean my car? It'll rain tomorrow anyway.”

This phrase is commonly heard during the rainy season and it's understandable why many follow this way of thinking. Cleaning a car is a lot of work and going to a carwash everyday is expensive. After all, a little dirt won't hurt right?

Unfortunately, this habit not only wears down the paint quicker, it makes the car look older, tired and, consequently, lowers resale value.

For starters, dirt is abrasive. Even a gust of wind can act like sandpaper when it blows on a dusty car. If that occurs repeatedly, the roughness of the dirt wears down the finish and weakens the paint. Couple that with rain and the abrasive effect of dirt on paint becomes worse. Factor in road spray and it builds up even more dirt on the car's paint on top of the rain water and your car's luster will be lost sooner than you think.

So what happens if you keep a car dirty after a rainy day? If your hood is wrapped in road grime, the heat makes the grime stick to the hood, potentially staining it permanently. These stains will leave their mark even more on white cars. Parking your car under the sun with all that dirt won't help either as UV rays will not just leave water marks all over the panels but eat up the paint as well.

How dirt harms your car and what to do about it

As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure and the simple solution to this is keeping your car clean. Of course, this goes beyond a quick rinse and DO NOT use liquid detergents to clean your car as its ingredients strips down the clear coat finish. Better then to use car shampoo that not only washes your car but one that also protects your investment.

You can also go beyond a simple wash. You can get rid of stains with the use of of a paint cleaner. An example of this would be Carlack 68 with Nano-Systematic Care.

Carlack 68 isn't just there to give your paint more luster. It also serves as a sealant and applies a hard and durable acrylic finish that is formulated to be weather proof. It's safe for the paint too as it contains no abrasives in cleaning the clear coat meaning you can apply it anytime. On top of that, it does not use silicone, so rubber seals and plastic trims will not be stained by white residues, keeping the car look consistently clean without the unsightly markings.

How dirt harms your car and what to do about it

You can also make your car's paint finish last even longer while protecting it. Sealants, such as Carlack Long Life, also protects your car's finish by blocking out the harmful chemicals in acid rain, the acidic nature of bird droppings and bugs and UV rays.

Carlack Long Life goes beyond paint protection as it can also be applied to the windshield. This sealant helps repel water and minimize watermarks and staining accumulating on the glass. Application of this will not result in visibility loss or visibility distortion and minimizes the use wipers while driving at higher speeds. On top of that, multiple washes will not decrease the effectiveness of the sealants. Used by many car enthusiasts, car show champions, professional detailers the world over, you're guaranteed long term protection as well. The weekend do-it-yourself person can also give his ride a show car shine thanks to the easy to use application of Carlack products.


With your paint being constantly battered by the harsh elements, it pays to keep your car clean, be it rain or shine. It also helps going beyond a simple wash by adding an extra layer of protection to your car's body. With Carlack sealants, you will be able to keep your car looking new, even with the elements wearing down its luster. Keep your car clean, protect its body and it will thank you for it in the long run.

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