With its proven track record for durability and versatility, the Isuzu mu-X is no stranger to the local automotive industry. Having translated their tried and tested recipe of bulletproof engines and rugged chassis into a vehicle that is ready to take on anything, the mu-X proves to be a viable choice for the average consumer when it comes to picking the right SUV. Now out with a complete refresh, here are several key changes that make the mu-X all that more dependable:

Isuzu BluePower diesel

That new BluePower Diesel motor

Since the mu-X has been in the market for a few years now, Isuzu have rolled out an update for the stalwart people carrier. Instead of stopping at a few minor tweaks however, the mu-X gets a whole new powerplant to further improve its capabilities. The new Isuzu mu-X with Euro 4 Blue Power Diesel Engine rounds out the potential of the SUV by providing more power without having to sacrifice things like noise or increased vibrations. The key improvement of the Blue Power Diesel Engine is of course its power output. Now rated at 177PS, it now has 14PS more over the previous model. Thanks to a new diesel particulate filter, the mu-X now benefits from having lesser emmissions as compared to the previous model. Pair that with quieter operation with lesser vibrations and the Blue Power Diesel Engine rounds up the mu-X’s true potential on the road – all while making more power.

How the Euro 4 Blue Power diesel engine drives the Isuzu mu-X forward

One more gear

Along with its new powerplant, the mu-X also receives a six-speed transmission and does away with the old five speed. The extra gear allows for better ratios at cruising speeds, meaning you get the most efficient consumption out of the mu-X. That said, despite making more power, fuel economy for the mu-X was also considerably improved. Highway tests with the LS-A 3.0 AT 4x2 model yielded 16.2 km/L with an average speed of about 93 km/h, while city driving nets around 8.9 km/L with an average speed of 18 km/h. All these perks come from the new mu-X thanks to a thoughtfully revised powertrain.

Isuzu mu-X rear

Still rugged, just with more style

While Isuzu has been known to be the dependable workhorse of many Filipino families, this doesn’t mean the mu-X has to sport a chiseled face. The front bumper has been slightly tweaked with additional chrome garnishes, grill slats, as well as a silver-painted lower portion to give more contrast. The contrast color follows through to the rear, where you’ll find a revised rear bumper with enclosed reverse lamps on the corner sections. To round up the look, 18-inch wheels give the mu-X that strong presence it commands on the road.

Stay comfortable amidst the rough terrain

Of course, a classy exterior would be useless if the occupants themselves don’t get a taste of that luxury. To match the outside, the mu-X has now been given soft-touch materials and piano black accents throughout the cabin. Doing away with all the hard plastic means occupants are treated to a more upmarket feel inside the mu-X. The infotainment system has been updated its fair share as well. At the center of it all is an 8-inch touch screen display that can play audio and video from various sources. Video can be relayed to the roof-mounted 10-inch screen and be controlled via remote control

Brains to go with the brawn

In the age of stringent safety standards and tech, Isuzu is keen to keep the mu-X up to snuff with its fair share of tech. Now sporting auto-leveling Bi-LED Projector Headlamps and Daytime Running Lights, the mu-X gets that upmarket lighting you’ll need to stay safe on roads at night. Apart from standard items like seatbelts, dual airbags, and anti-lock brakes, the mu-X also comes with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Start Assist (HSA), and Hill Descent Control (HDC) to make sure the mu-X stays planted on any terrain.

All these considered, the Isuzu mu-X has become a well-rounded SUV that matches true durability with versatility and drivability in its class thanks to its all-new Blue Power Diesel Engine.