As the debate over the impending excise tax on new vehicles rages on, consumers are left with a conundrum on whether to buy now or wait for better times. Buying a new car or motorcycle is not necessarily a viable option for many individuals, and as such, it becomes even more imperative to keep our current vehicles running in good condition.

One ally of the prudent vehicle owner through times like these and many similar situations in the past is Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment. Simply added to an engine’s oil, the treatment works far beyond the capabilities of any additive. It blends with the oil and fuel, using the engine oil as a conduit to reach the internal parts of the engine, applying its protection and lubricating properties as it flows.

Technical talk aside, it gives your aging engine new life, returning to peak engine efficiency, producing better gas mileage, more power and prevents damage from cold starts and low oil circulation at start-up. It also extends your engine oil's life, allowing you to save in the process.

It's a product that's best tested and experienced. And for those that have already tried it, Pertua is offering satisfied customers the chance to share their experience.

 Call it your own

Become a Pertua Partner

Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment not only keeps cars on the road, it can also serve as a viable source of income whether for established auto and motorcycle shops or those seeking an extra source on the side.

Pertua is looking for interested resellers, distributors and even exporters. It's easy to start selling Pertua. Ask about the Pertua Distributor Partner Program, 'Call It Your Own.' Through this plan, the company offers various tiers to suit your needs, starting from a small dealer, to a bigger volume wholesaler, to an area development distributor, and whether you prefer to work freelance, from a workshop, or from a store. Start from where you're comfortable and move up at your own pace.

It also allows for enterprising individuals to sell other brands on the side, with arrangements for exclusive and non-exclusive area distributors. Finally, there's marketing and technical support, with materials and seminars for current and would-be distributors.

Despite its advanced technology, its suggested retail pricing is kept competitive against its competition. It's also competitive in terms of benefits versus fully synthetic engine oils. Very low capital is required in exchange for the highest re-selling prices, and leaving room for discounts if desired by the business owner. This ensures a significantly higher rate of return for every peso invested.

 Call it your own

Why distribute Pertua?

Verterans in the lubrication retail business will remember Pertua as an industry market leader in the 1990's. It now hopes to regain that position, thanks to recent reorganization and rebranding, a direct result of the a trans-organizational change three years ago along with the hiring of its experienced managers and employees from the big oil brands.

Pertua can easily adapt to your business plan and model through its Partner Program, 'Call It Your Own.' Choose to distribute your choice of Pertua products, be it just the Oil and Metal Treatment, blended oils, or industrial oils. Pertua allows you to sell what you think is best for your area and clientele. Enjoy the benefits of Pertua's Semi-Autonomy in Marketing, where promotional activities are decentralized and customized to cater to localities.

Be the principal of your own growing company. Pertua's Partner Program lets you multiply your reach by appointing wholesalers. With its extensive product line, you can freely expand into other markets. Specializing in specific services but are looking to expand your offerings? Do so easily, thanks to Pertua's products that cater to motorcycle, diesel, gasoline, and industrial requirements.

 Call it your own

Hear from the Partners

It's natural to be skeptical when entering into a new business venture. To ease any worries, we talked to current distributors about their experience selling the products.

Nemi Cruz operates Klez Trading. He is a veteran in the lubricant trading business and is now a Pertua distributor in Pasay City and Nueva Ecija. He started as a retailer in Pasay City, catering mostly to the motorcycle market. Nemi shares how Pertua has helped him grow his business.

“Nadagdagan ang income ko. Yung langis na gamit ko ngayon, napaganda dahil sa Pertua. Nakatulong din sa akin ang mas malaking kita. Siya rin ang nakadagdag ng ibang products na pwede ko ibenta para pumasok sa auto shops. Bibitawan ko na tindahan ko to distribute full time. Papagawa na ako ng bodega. Plano ko buong norte.”

"It increased my income. The oil I use lasts longer thanks to Pertua. The higher income has also helped me personally. Pertua also gave me more products to sell and expand into auto shops.I plan to give up my store to distribute full time. I'm already building a warehouse.”

Frances "Jun" Danao is based in Davao City. Even without experience selling lubricants, he decided to venture into becoming a distributor after trying the product on his own Pajero.

“I saw the treatment being sold in Davao but not the engine oil. Before applying, I thought to try it first. After trying it, gumaan yung makina ko (my engine ran smoother). I started with my friends and asked for referrals. Pertua advertised in Facebook in the Davao region and that was a great help. Malaking tulong yung posts ng Pertua sa Facebook. Maraming inquiries. And their inquiries are passed to me. I really appreciate the effort. Pertua is well known. Matagal nang kilala. Yung mga nag-inquire, na-experience na. (It's been known for a while. Those who inquire have already experienced it.”

RJ Banzon, an architect by profession, and car enthusiast since childhood operates RB Auto Development, a full auto service center in Marikina. Already introduced to Pertua by his father in the 90's, RJ searched the market for suppliers of the product until finally meeting the distributors.

“I discovered Pertua from my Dad and poured it into my then rough-idling 3-door Pajero and Mercedes-Benz W124 250D. To my surprise, after a few warm-ups, it smoothened out. My brother (and partner at the shop) looked for this product which was nowhere to be found at that time. We even found counterfeit products. Come the year 2015, I saw an ad online about Pertua and sent a message to set up a meeting.”

 Call it your own

Do it your way

For those keen to start an enterprise of their own, Nemi and Jun have some advice.

"Una, kelangan 'wag umasa sa company lang, kelangan may sariling idea to improve selling of oil. Kelangan partnership din. I help my wholesaler sell, pumupunta ako sa small stores at pinapasa sila sa wholesaler ko,”said Nemi.

“First, you shouldn't rely on the company alone. You have to have your own idea to improve oil sales. It's a partnership too. I help my wholesaler sell by going to small stores and referring them to my wholesalers.”

As for Jun, he says it pays to be innovative and use your connections.

“It's all thanks to social media and the right referrals and tsaga talaga (and hard work more than anything). Hindi lahat ng kliente maganda ring pakikitungo. Kelangan ng mahabang pasensya. (Not all clients are easy to talk to. You need lots of patience.) I don't present what's on paper. I use actual videos and pictures. Mas madali mapaniwala ng tao (People are more likely to believe in those). I started with dealers, now I have 4 wholesealers and 23 dealers. It was all in a span of 6 months.”

RJ, one the other hand doesn't just offer Pertua to the bulk of his customers, he is also one of his own largest clients.

“We use Pertua for our light duty truck service vehicle in our construction business as well as in our heavy equipment machinery, and just in those other applications, we were not disappointed! Pertua expanded our market from newer, post 2000 era cars to older pre-90's and 80's cars. We now cater to more older cars than before since word of mouth and social media about Pertua spreads fast. We used to deal other synthetic oil products, and we still do, but even by comparison of both price and quality, I'd like to think that both are at par in quality, but Pertua beats overall value for money for me.”

That's just three success stories. The next one could be your own. It's only fitting from a product inspired by the Italian words for “for you.”

To find out how to #CallItYourOwn, contact Pertua and ask about the Distributor Partner Program at +63 2 362 1545 / +63 2 412 0858; +63 2 362 1545 (Fax); +63 923 738 0207 (Mobile); or email them at info @

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