Driving a car that has rain marks, dusts, muds and other sorts of dirt can make you a little less proud while on the road. The rainy season which brings sudden rain showers and downpours can make your car dirty.

With this, washing your car is a neccessity especially during this season to keep it clean, presentable and ready to face the day ahead. However, washing your car isn't the only thing that matters in keeping your vehicle clean. Another crucial element in keeping your car's shiny finish if making sure you dry it well.

Immediately proceed to the drying process because dirt and dust can easily attach to a wet surface. Improperly dried surfaces can also leave hard-to-remove spots on your car's paint. During the drying process, it is ideal to use a highly absorbent material like the Aion Plas Chamois.

Aion Plas Chamois

Aion Plas Chamois from Japan (formerly known as Kanebo Plas Chamois) has more than fifty years of experience and is widely regarded as a top quality cleaning tool. Proprietary water absorption technology contiuously perfected over its half-century existence enables you to quickly and effectively dry your car after washing it; preventing unwanted marks.

Aion Plas Chamois is made of PVA sponge that has continuous open pores made from polyvinyl alcohol. This gives the chamois superior water absorbency and retention properties. Moreover, it has a three layer construction that enables Aion Plas chamois to be more durable and last longer compared to cheaper and generic brands.

It can absorb 300-percent more water compared to cloth or microfiber towel and eliminates dirt better than other materials. A chamois is also easier to maintain because you just simply need to rinse it thoroughly after use.

As a whole, the Aion Plas Chamois gives your car the finishing touch after wash. With consistent cleaning and proper drying process, your car will surely be ready to face the day ahead.

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