Tough and rugged looking, today’s aftermarket off-road bumpers not only serve to compliment the aesthetic looks of any 4WD vehicle. They have evolved to become a specialized piece of equipment for 4x4 vehicles whenever they go off-roading.

Brought about by the unpredictable nature of the outdoors, there’s always a risk of incurring vehicle damage. This is why the primary purpose of such heavy-duty bumpers is to protect the entire frontal area of the vehicle, including the vulnerable mechanical components by deflecting any object that it comes in contact with.

MCC 4x4 Accessories

In addition, it also functions as a valuable attachment point for requisite 4x4 gear and equipment that must be bolted on a solid structure such as: a winch, auxiliary lighting, jacking points, tie down brackets, and antenna. Fitting quality aftermarket protection equipment such as off-road bumpers and more not only provides extra insurance for your vehicle, but also adds aesthetic appeal.

MCC 4x4 Accessories Rocker Bar

When it comes to 4x4 vehicle protection, MCC 4x4 Accessories from Thailand offers high quality products to protect every vulnerable area of your 4WD. MCC has off road bumpers such as the Falcon Bar, the Rocker Bar, the Jack Rear Bumper Bar, side steps and so much more.

Founded in 1999, MCC 4x4 Accessories conforms to Australian standards for build quality, materials, and tolerances. Employing the latest build technologies, lasers are used to cut steel, while a robotic arm welds the seams for pinpoint accuracy. This explains why its products are world-renowned and patronized by 4WD enthusiasts around the world.

MCC 4x4 Accessories Side Steps

Being in the export business, MCC understands the different motor vehicle laws of various countries, especially in the Asian region regarding aftermarket 4WD equipment. Having said that, it's very obvious that every MCC product takes into consideration its value and use to the consumer. As such, here are just some of the aftermarket 4x4 vehicle protection products from MCC 4x4 Accessories, which is exclusively distributed by Gyro Fuzion Company Co. Inc.

MCC 4x4 Accessories

For more info: visit their Facebook page at MCC 4x4 Philippines to find the dealer nearest you.