If you’ve been around cars for a good part of your life, chances are you have a car that does all the heavy lifting for the family over the years.

All those school runs, errands to the grocery, and even the odd trip out town – these are all in a days work for this particular car of the house. Dependable, robust, and chugging on without complaint, this is the car that will definitely get you where you need to go: The Daily Driver. The daily driver becomes integral to the average Filipino family’s lives to the point that it becomes something more than a heap of metal and plastic with four wheels; it becomes part of the family.

Part of the family: How to keep your daily driver running

As dependable and sturdy as it can be though, you might have to ask yourself: Just how long can this car last? Sentiment for a car is one thing, but care and maintenance is a completely different concern. Once you understand the fact that any aging object will require some semblance of care, then comes the time when you have to return the favor to your ever-trusty steed. Giving your daily driver a refresh doesn’t need to come in big gestures – which means no, you don’t necessarily need to shell out for something like a repaint or an engine overhaul. If you keenly observe the things that may need fixing, you’ll realize that a little goes a long way when it comes to bringing your car back up to snuff.

Part of the family: How to keep your daily driver running

1: Inspect your car thoroughly

Each car has a different story to tell, and by that we simply mean it gets used in many different ways – meaning each car will wear in different places depending on its usage. Bringing your car back to its factory spec will mean giving it a thorough once-over to see which parts have worn out through the years. These bits can be anything from aging trim pieces, to replacing interior bits, suspension bushings, or parts of the engine. So before you jump into refreshing your car, it’s important to do your research and study it well beforehand.

Part of the family: How to keep your daily driver running

2: Address any dings, scratches, and fender benders

Any tired daily driver will have some semblance of eyesore accumulated throughout years of shuttling you and your family. Be it a minor scratch, a dent from opening doors at the carpark, or a small fender bender you’d hardly be bothered to fix, all these little bits give the impression that you’re driving something dated – something that wasn’t looked after at all. Our goal here is to return your daily driver to its former glory, and a huge part of that is making it look the part.

Part of the Family: How to keep your high-mileage car running well

3: Rejuvenate your on-road living space

With all the congestion that Metro Manila has to offer, you may as well consider your car’s interior as your personal living space. At this point, years and years of dirt, debris, and gunk have found its way into the crevices of your car’s interior. A thorough cleaning and interior detail by your friendly neighborhood carwash ought to do the trick. Some trim and accents may have worn themselves out from use as well, it wouldn’t hurt to fix those as well. Since your car’s interior is what you interact with 100% of the time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your satisfaction with driving your vehicle depends on what you feel while you’re inside it.

Part of the Family: How to keep your high-mileage car running well

4: Fix the bits you never see

Hear all those rattles as you go on bumps? Is the car not as comfy as it was before? You’re likely looking at issues with your suspension. With all those bits underneath the car taking all the beating for a good few years or so, it’s safe to say a number of those bushings or even shocks have worn themselves out for good. A proper diagnosis by a professional can indicate which bushings or shock absorbers will need replacing. Replacing these items will likely return that ride you were acustomed to as the car rolled off the showroom floor. While you’re at it, a peek at the brakes to ensure they’re up to spec won’t hurt either. Safety first, right?

Part of the family: How to keep your daily driver running

5: Feed your motor the right oil

Among all these items that need fixing, it’s your engine that’s most vital among all. A car wouldn’t be a car without something to propel it, right? Major engine work – if necessary – is indeed complicated, but when it comes to covering bases for your engine’s general maintenance, Shell Helix now has a High Mileage oil that will ensure that it gets more protection from wear as you continue to use it. Most used engines will also try to consume oil or even leak it overnight, but provided you preempt this from happening, Shell Helix High Mileage oils have an active conditioning agent that ensures all your motor’s seals become more pliable and less susceptible to leaks. After all this time spent running, there’s no doubt your engine will have a lot of sludge deposits gunked up from use. These deposits will eventually yield to loss of performance and even fuel economy – which is why Shell Helix High Mileage oil was formulated to eliminate these deposits after every oil change. In a nutshell, Shell Lubricants General Manager Dennis Javier has this to say, “The development of Shell Helix High Mileage is meant to help customers with well-loved vehicles to prolong the life of their vehicle, so that they can enjoy more memories with their trusted partner through the years.”

All these factors of a used engine have been carefully considered during Shell’s formulation of a suitable oil. After having all these items sorted and with the Shell Helix High Mileage oil keeping things in check with your vehicle’s motor, it’ll be easier to focus on other more important things in life; because surely your daily driver will still be as dependable as ever.

Get your Shell Helix High Mileage oil change now at your nearest Shell retail station or look for it in your favorite Car shop or Auto supply store.

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