The emergence of small-medium enterprises (SME) where startup business owners involve themselves in the daily business activities have brought upon the popularity of pick-up trucks. The versatility and convenience of pick-ups as a workhorse on weekdays and for personal activities on weekends has become a mainstay of SME owners.

Truck tops

The rise in pick-up popularity has brought about a rise in coming out with accessories to further improve its versatility, particularly when it comes to protecting and securing the cargo bed. The need to keep cargo safe from vandals, thieves and the elements of nature will always be important especially for business owners.

Slider half-open

Truck bed protection comes in different shapes and sizes based on individual needs.

Hard Canopies - made from fiberglass or ABS plastic with or without windows serving as a ‘shell’ for the truck bed.

Hard Tonneau - flat cover made from fiberglass or ABS plastic which is usually mounted with hinges and gas lifts.

Soft Tonneau - cover made of canvas or other synthetic materials fastened with ropes or cables. This is the cheapest cover, but also most susceptible to intrusion due to the material.

Retractable Cover - made of metal materials like aluminum or treated steel attached together in a sliding mechanism. The retractable cover is the most durable and flexible solution, but is also comes at a cost.


It all began with a vision in 1976 when a pioneering Mario Diaz realized the utility and versatility of pickups, yet accessories were all imported and were expensive at that time. Diaz thought of making durable pickup canopies and accessories at affordable prices for Filipinos, and thus Campershells was born.

He started the company in 1978 as a making fiberglass reinforced plastic pickup truck tops which were later to be known as Campershells. The company has since innovated with different products like spare tire covers, hard tonneau covers, and other pickup truck accessories. Philippine-made Campershells have also found their way to Malaysia and Indonesia as testament to the quality of their products.


Slider retractable covers

With its intensive research and development and the drive to provide better value products for Filipino motorists, the company came out with their ‘Slider’ products in 2010, which provide a versatile solution for those who want to maintain the sport truck feel of their pickups which having a the convenience of lockable cover. The 'Slider' cover is made from high-quality aluminum than can withstand impact from forced entry and applied weight of about 50 kg. It operates with a spring-loaded opener to assist in opening and comes with a two-step locking position.

Slider install

Installation of a Slider system usually takes one whole day for standard applications where highly-trained installers carefully outfit each truck with the same Campershells standard set by Diaz himself when he started the company over thirty years ago.

Slider on a Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Slider system was engineered locally at the Campershells R&D facility. The system was designed to be custom fit to any type of pickup truck bed for customers who want a flush OEM look and feel.

Industrial application

Aside from pickup truck bed covers, the Slider system can also be fitted for commercial and industrial applications.

Slider products are available at Ride, the country's premiere shop for pickup and SUV accessories, and off-roading parts.