Whether it's about saving the environment, going farther than before or just making it easier on your credit card, being more fuel efficient  is everyone's concern. It just makes good sense.

Shell, along with us here at AutoIndustriya.com, have come up with a few practical tips and guidelines to help you prepare your car, SUV, truck or van to be more efficient, and help you get the most  out of  Shell FuelSave.

Leave excess stuff at home

Make no mistake: weight is the enemy. Make your car as light as possible by not putting non-essential stuff in your car. Leave your sports equipment at home unless you're going to use it on that particular day, especially if it includes a set of golf clubs. Empty the glove box of unnecessary items. If you have your Kenny G collection in there, maybe it's time to get an iPod. If you're the type who likes to treat his/her car like a closet, well, the weight of your clothes, make-up, extra shoes and bags do add up.

Leave excess stuff

Bring essential tools only

No need to bring around enough tools to rival a pro garage. Keep your toolkit down to the necessary items like a Phillips and flat screwdriver, a jack, pliers, flashlight, an early warning device, a tire wrench, jumper cables and a small container of extra water. For more complex repairs, well, maybe you should have a towing company's number handy.

Avoid external accessories

They may look cool, but really, external accessories like GT wings, spoilers, canards and other bits that aren't part of the car's original design will have an effect on consumption. Avoid them if you want an efficient daily drive.

Remove roof rack or bike carrier

Remove the roof rack or bike carrier when not in use

External racks are definitely useful when needed, but roof racks and bike racks can easily increase your consumption when on the highway because of the drag they generate. Uninstall them when you don't need them on that particular day.

Lube up. Tune up.

Lube up, tune up

A well oiled machine will always work well, and keeping your car's engine properly lubed and tuned means it will run as efficiently as possible. Keep your oil topped up to recommended levels, and make sure your filters (air filter, oil filter, fuel filter) are in good order.

Keep your tires properly inflated

Always make sure your tires are inflated to recommended pressures. Consult your car's owner's manual for the proper pressures (typically just above 30 psi), or look at the lower portion of the driver side door frame; car manufacturers usually post the correct pressure there.

Keep your tires properly inflated

Drive every drop

Whether you're heading to the beach, cooler climates or even just around town, using some of these easy-to-do steps could help you get the most out of every single drop of Shell FuelSave is always a good thing.

Of course, the biggest factor in fuel economy is still the driver, and you can expect that in Part 2 of our Fuel Economy Tips, brought to you by Shell FuelSave.

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