With over 50 automotive brands, thousands of aftermarket parts, accessories and consumable suppliers, and improving roads and highways, there’s never been a better time to enjoy car ownership. Yet while acquiring one is definitely easier, keeping it running is another story altogether.

Complaints and debates continue over which parts are the best, which service centers are most trustworthy, and most critical of all, how to keep your car running like new for as long as possible.

An age old problem

While our automobile market has changed over the decades, the issue over maintenance certainly hasn’t. Long before the auto industry boom we enjoy today, back in the 80s and early 90s, keeping one’s cars running was an endeavour in itself. The country’s failing economy had scared away manufacturers like Ford, GM, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, and Mazda, leaving many to contend with the three Japanese marquees: Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan. This affected service centers too, dwindling the stocks of original parts and trained service personnel to work on ailing vehicles. And while some enterprising individuals saw a ripe market for Japanese surplus parts and engines, the possibility of getting anything new and unused was quite slim.

As such, ingenuity and innovation was richly rewarded and it was during this era that a young but determined lubrication scientist from Apalit, Pampanga, Engr. Juanito “John” A. Simon, sought to find a solution for troublesome old engines. With a background in metallurgy (the science and technology of metals) and having worked as a researcher in an international oil company in Houston, Texas, Simon developed, perfected and patented a new lubricant technology designed to zero-in on the friction between the metal parts inside internal combustion engines.

He named his invention PERTUA (inspired by the Italian words, “for you”, as well as an abbreviation of ‘Perpetual’: constantly running), the world’s first and only true oil and metal treatment. First released in the US market as Tribotech, Pertua was then distributed in the Philippines in 1991 and received its US patent in 1994. It wasn’t long before Filipino car enthusiasts discovered the wonder product, resulting in its peak sales in 1996.

Prolonging the life of your engine

What is Pertua?

Engr. Simon’s invention is an oil and metal treatment, not an additive. Though it is simply added to an engine’s oil, the treatment works far beyond the capabilities of any additive. Unlike other additives that simply blend with the oil and fuel, Pertua does not destroy the composition of oil. Rather it uses the engine oil as a conduit to reach the internal parts of the engine, applying its protection and lubricating properties as it flows.

Pertua achieves this with the help of DuraSyn technology. DuraSyn first polarizes the interfacing metal parts, making them repel each other, thus minimizing the abrasive metal to metal contact of the parts at the inter-metallic junction level. Friction is drastically decreased, and as a result, produces less heat from the engine, and reducing its chances of overheating.

Besides this key anti-friction action, DuraSyn also inhibits the chemical oxidation of oil and metal parts. It expels oxygen to prevent the oil from turning into sludge and metal parts from corroding. This allows Pertua treated oils and engines to extend their service life up to three to four times longer than untreated oils and keeps metal parts in pristine condition.

For the consumer, the palpable result is a restoration of peak engine efficiency, returning better gas mileage, more power and prevention of damage from cold starts and low oil circulation at startup.

Prolonging the life of your engine

Plain oil versus oil with Pertua’s treatment

How different is this from using regular or higher performance oil? Typical oils require a change cycle of anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers. Some of these performance and synthetic oils may claim increased lubrication capability, but no other oil, additive or treatment has DuraSyn’s polarizing anti-friction action, nor its anti-oxidation action. Without these two actions, more frequent oil changes are needed.

Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment, on the other hand, works with your existing preferred oil brand. Simply add one can of 320 ml Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment for every four liters of your preferred conduit engine or industrial oil. For those that prefer to avoid complicated calculations, Pertua also offers pre-blended oils in mineral or synthetic grades both for gasoline, diesel and motorcycle engines or for gears or automatic transmissions. In addition to blending seamlessly with your preferred oil, it also extends both the oil and engine’s life, extending the cycle from the standard 5,000 to 10,000 kilometer oil change to as long as 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers if desired. As a result, Pertua not only works with your preferred oil, it also extends its life, allowing you to save in the process.

Prolonging the life of your engine

Real Testimonies

Indeed all this may seem like we’re simply harping on a product, yet Pertua offers testimonies from real customers, on their facebook page and www.pertua.com as proof.

“I noticed [a] significant increase [in] horsepower, smooth cold start[s], less engine vibration, [and] fuel savings achieved of 15-20% [more] as advertised,” said one Alfel Benvic Go on Pertua’s Facebook fan page.

“Our bench dynamometer test on Pertua treated 1997 4-cylinder Willy’s jeep engine showed that the friction horsepower and generation losses were reduce by 15.5% with a consequent slight improvement to the combined thermal efficiency of 3.3%,” said Dr. Ibarra Cruz, Ph D. Mechanical Engineering Professor, University of the Philippines.

Prolonging the life of your engine

“We tortured [tested] Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment by trying it in our due-for-overhaul jeepney with [an] Isuzu engine. It already failed three times in LTO emission testing with a 4.8 Opacimeter reading, wherein the passing mark is 2.5. Amazingly, after using Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment, the said jeep passed LTO (MVIS) Emission [Testing] with an outstanding Opacimeter reading of 1.1! We also traveled a distance of 81-km. with and without Pertua. Surprisingly there was a significant savings of fuel consumption by 41%,” reports Roberto Martin National President, Pasang Masda Jeepney Driver's Association.

“First time ko na-try gumamit sa Vios 2006 ko and I’m really impressed! Lumakas ang hatak ng mga 30%. Naging Matipid sa fuel at lalong tumahimik ang makina pag naka idle. Pero dapat tama ang paglagay mo. Don’t mix agad pag nagpachange oil ka. Hayaan mo munang mag-circulate ang new oil mo bago mo ihalo ang Pertua thenafter maihalo, patakbuhin ng mga 15 mins. You will feel the result agad! Great Product!

“I first tried it on my 2006 Vios and I’m really impressed. It improved the torque by 30%. It became more fuel efficient and the engine was quieter during idling. You have to introduce it properly. Don’t mix it right away when you change oil. Allow the new oil to circulate before adding Pertua. Then run for 15-mins. after blending. You will feel the result right away. Great product!” said Juan Niyebe, who purchased Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment from Lazada.

Prolonging the life of your engine

Not content with these testimonies, we at AutoIndustriya.com have tested the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment on our own personal vehicle. Our 2002 Nissan Sentra Exalta 1.5 A/T with 120,000-km on the odometer was performing satisfactorily despite its age, regularly returning 8-km/l. When accelerating, it would struggle when revving past 4,000 rpm. After simply adding the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment without an oil change, we noticed significant improvement in its power delivery, particularly smoothening the revs at the 4,000 -4,500 rpm rev range and allowing it to return 9-km/l.

Prolonging the life of your engine

Where to get it

Indeed, these results may seem too good to be true for even the most stubborn skeptics. As such, we encourage you to try it yourself.

Pertua is available in Oil and Metal Treatment can form from P399, mixable with any oil brand and types or as convenient pre-blended Engine Oils: Apex for Gasoline Engines, Exello for Diesel Engines, Powertec for 4T Motorcycles.

Other Pertua products include Apex PCO Multigrade for Gasoline Engines, Pertua Exello CVO Multigrade for Diesel Engines, and as Kagz Gear Oil 90, Kagz Gear Oil 140, and Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Pertua products are available at various Auto Supplies, Independent Workshops and Motorcycle Supply Shops, all Blade Car Shops in malls, all AllHome Automotive Sections, or online at Lazada.com.ph and Shopinas.com. A close to complete list of outlets is found here.

Pertua is also looking for interested dealers, distributors and wholesalers. To find out how to distribute Pertua, contact them at +63 2 362 1545 / +63 2 412 0858; +63 2 362 1545 (Fax); +63 943 128 4142 (Mobile); or email them at [email protected]

For additional information, visit and like Pertua’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pertuatech/ or check out www.pertua.com.